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25 Zooqle Alternative Torrent Sites 2023

Zooqle is a popular torrent search engine in the file sharing category. It is called the “Best downloads website on the web!” More than 25 websites and apps can be used instead of zooqle search engine. These include Windows, Google Chrome, Self-Hosted solutions, and Python. The Pirate Bay, which is free, is the best alternative to do instead. 1337X, RARBG, BTDigg, and LimeTorrents are all great sites and apps like Zooqle.

Most of the alternatives to Zooqle are Torrent Search Engines, but they could also be Torrent Trackers or apps that let you watch videos online. You can filter by these if you want a shorter list of alternatives or are looking for a certain Zooqle feature.
Zooqle com is one of the best-known torrent sites right now. This is because almost all of the files on this torrent platform have been checked and are safe to use. As a result, it is unlikely that your computer or mobile device will get infected with a virus.

But after a lot of people tried to shut it down, it has become easier for people to use. At the time I’m writing this, it’s almost impossible to create an account or log in to this website. Since you have to sign in to use the website, here are some alternatives to Zooqle that are just as useful.

Zooqle’s Rise and Fall

Zooqle started in 2017 as a private tracker that you could only use if invited. After about four months, it opened up to everyone. Before October 2018, TorrentFreak wrote extensively about this “world’s biggest torrent site.” The site said it had more than 100 million active torrents. After law enforcement shut down major pirate sites like Kickass Torrents, Solarmovie, and YTS.ag this year, DMCA notices finally shut down Zooqle proxy sites.

Most people are still aware of the loss of Zooqle.com, but many of you may not know that other websites work in the same market or offer similar services. We’ve put together a list of the best Zooqle alternatives, as well as other resources, for future reference:

How to spot fake torrent sites?

Users’s experiences with torrent sites can be good or bad. Along with the content, it is also a place where malware can be found. It’s not the first time, but torrent sites’ PTP networks have affected many devices.

There will be many people on a popular torrent site, and there will be a lot of files to choose from. It’s hard to understand which ones are safe and which ones aren’t, so it’s important to know how to spot a fake torrent site on the Internet:

  • Many sites have been checked out among this huge number of torrent sites.
  • Once the site has been checked out, we don’t have to worry too much about it and can download files without worrying about malware.
  • Please don’t fall for the latest movies because scam sites know what’s popular and use that as their best chance to trick users.
  • You might also download the wrong thing under the name of the new movie. Malware can only spread with this.
  • Try reading the comments to understand if the torrent site is good or bad. There are many reviews of different torrent classes on the Internet.
  • Choose a well-known and trusted website at all times.

A good torrent site will have an easy-to-use interface that makes you search for what you want. A real site will have everything set up so users can enjoy their experience on the air.

Top 25 Torrent Sites Like Zooqle

Let’s look at what we think are the best Zooqle alternatives in the industry right now, so you can keep downloading files from the Internet without stopping.

1. ISO Hunt


Link: https://isohunts.to

Is ISO Hunt an alternative for Zooqle? It is a relatively new name in the field. There is still time for it to close down and shut down with a better URL. If you are looking for the latest TV shows or movies to download, this is the place for you. Our favorite thing about this torrent site is that its list of files is updated more often than other torrent sites.

2. iDope


Link: https://idope.se

In many ways, iDope is a good Zooqle alternative because its dashboard looks like the Google search engine. If you want to find a movie or TV show on this torrent site, you can search for it in a lot of different ways. In this case, it will be easier for you to find the type of file you want. Zooqle has been around for a while and has a good name, so there’s no reason not to try it.

3. Kick Ass Torrents


Link: https://kickasstorrents.to

Kick Ass Torrents is similar to Zooqle because it is one of the most popular torrent sites in the industry. It used to be shut, but the person who owns this website used a different URL to start a new platform. But even though it has a simple layout and interface, the number of files is impressive. They include software, movies, eBooks, and many other online resources.

4. Torrents


Link: https://torrents.io

On the Torrents home page, there is a graph that shows which torrents people have downloaded the most. As an alternative to Zooqle, this platform is a complete source for torrent files because it can also scrape content from other websites. You can sort the torrent files you want to look at by type. When you use sites like this, downloading and installing VPN software is the best way to protect your identity.

5. 1337X


Link: https://www.1337x.tw

1337X is a good alternative to Zooqle because it has an easy-to-use interface and carefully organizes its torrents into different groups. Some torrent sites have many more files than this one, but these have better quality than most. Your ISP provider will keep track of your IP address and where you live, so keep an eye on them. In this situation, a VPN might be a good idea.

6. Lime Torrents


Link: https://limetorrents.buzz

As an alternative to Zooqle, we like this website because it’s easy to use. This means that it is straightforward to use and has a lot of different types of torrent files. Torrents are a type of file that can be downloaded without making an account. There are also no ads on it. This torrent site can also download many things very quickly, which is another thing we like about it.

7. Torrent Galaxy


Link: https://torrentgalaxy.org

Torrents and Zoogle are good places to look for torrent files. That is best done on this site. Even if you don’t have an account, you can start downloading them. You have to participate in their forum if you want to use it. On the platform, there will also be a few ads. They have a group of clients who work together to make a VPN that you can use to keep your information safe while downloading torrents.

8. Magnet DL

Magnet DL

Link: https://www.magnetdl.com

Magnet DL is a simple alternative to Zoogle, which is known as a huge list of magnet links. This means that the time it takes to download is faster than on other torrent websites. You’ll need a BitTorrent client on your computer to use it, which is a drawback. Still, if you want video content, you can either directly download it or watch it on the website.

9. BTDig


Link: https://btdig.com

A Brazilian torrent site can be used as an alternative to Zooqle. It’s thought to be one of the first search engines for torrents. This means that the time it takes to download is much faster, and you can be sure that the torrents are good quality. This torrent site lets you download files without downloading to set up an account. We like how simple and easy to use their interface is.

10. Linux Trackers

Linux Trackers

Link: https://linuxtracker.org

Even though it has a straightforward interface, Linux Tracker is one of those torrent websites that helps Linux users. You’ll need Linux if you want to use this website. Linux is different from Windows and iOS, which you may already know, so it’s a good choice if you’re part of a small group.

11. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Link: https://thepiratebay.org

We’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Pirate Bay, and if you haven’t, we’d like to know why. Many people use it, and the best thing is that it’s free to use. It’s a platform that users make for other users. Anyone can put a torrent on the website and share it with everyone else.

The best thing about downloading a torrent is that you don’t have to be logged in at all. The only thing about The Pirate Bay that we don’t like is that you can’t use a metalink. This means that you have to download the file on your own. You have to do this, but it’s not too bad. In simple terms, this means that downloading the file will take longer than it did before. But this is the best if you’re looking for an alternative to Zooqle.

12. Torlock


Link: https://www.torlock.com

Torlock is a good alternative for Zooqle because it gets off to a strong start. On their home page, you can find suggestions for torrents to download. If you want to upload torrents that you can share with the rest of us, you can sign up.

But you don’t need to sign up for an account if all you want to do is download files that you can watch on your computer. Their interface is simple and easy to use, and they have tabs for the top 100 downloads and news about torrents. They have also worked out which torrents are the most popular.

13. YTS


Link: https://yts.mx

You can download any movie you want from the site Zooqle. We think you should check out YTS, which is similar to Zooqle.com. This app’s interface is very simple to use. You can quickly look through hundreds of movie titles and download them to your computer.

Another thing we like about this torrent site is that it lets you download movies with high quality but smaller file sizes. This will save space and make your download go faster, which is always nice.

14. PCGames Torrent

PCGames Torrent

Link: https://pcgamestorrents.com

Instead of Zooqle, there is a site called PCGamesTorrent that only sells PC games you can play on your computer. We think the interface is straightforward and like how the torrents are separated by type. We like this torrent site because you can choose from many VR games and anime.

The great thing about this torrent site is that you don’t have to create an account to set downloading movies and other things. They also have a tab that tells you how to install torrents if you need help. They also often add new stuff to their games.

15. ETTV


Link: https://www.ettvdl.com

ETTV is a good replacement for Zooqle because it is easy to use and has a lot of different torrent downloads. Like many other torrent sites on this list, you don’t have to sign up to use them. But you will if you want to participate part in their forum.

They often add new files to their list, so you can always find the latest releases on this site. We agree with that. We think the speed of the download is fast, and there are no ads.

16. Monova


Link: https://torrents.io/site/monova

Monova is different from Zoogle torrents because you can add it to your download list. You can also get files on the site before, which you can download. You can start downloading files even if you don’t have an account. You’ll have to create an account if you want to add something to the site.

We don’t think the download speed is a big deal. But you’ll have to look through a lot of ads on their website, so it might take a little longer than some other choices.

17. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents

Link: https://www.publicdomaintorrents.info

This Zooqle torrent alternative is a torrent site that focuses on free movies you can watch. You could find some files from the 20th century here, but there aren’t many to choose from. You don’t have to set up an account to start downloading, and the platform is simple HTML, which makes it easy to move around the site and make things.

If you click on the link, you’ll be able to see pictures from the movies. They don’t put thumbnails in the movie titles. Even though the website isn’t the easiest to use, they have a very hard list of old movies.

18. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Link: https://archive.org/details/feature_films

Zooqle and the Internet Archive both have well-designed interfaces that make it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can download many free torrents from them, but most of them are old movies.

You’ll need to set up an account and log in to get the most out of the site. You can still download some files even if you don’t have a computer. There are no ads on the site, and it is fast to use.

19. Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents

Link: http://www.legittorrents.info

This alternative to Zooqle torrents is a simple site where you can download free torrents of videos, games, software, and ebooks, among other things. There is no need to create an account and no ads.

This site has a store where you can buy movies and a forum where people can ask for help installing or downloading torrents.

20. Sumo Torrent

Sumo Torrent

Link: http://sumotorrent.eu

SumoTorrent will always be there for quality, not quantity because it always has valid torrent files for you to use. BitTorrent says it is the best place to find the best seed and leech torrent files for its users, so you can trust it. One of the best things about SumoTorrent is that it also works as a downloader and makes users download all kinds of torrent data.

Even if the torrent file is broken, it doesn’t matter. The automatic repair system will first make the torrent file, which users will then be able to use to download the torrent. There are not that many torrent files. Still, SumoTorrent always gives its visitors the best torrent files when it comes to quality. SumoTorrent has a system that makes it one of the easiest torrent sites to use and gives people the best options.

21. TorrentHounds


Link: https://www.torrenthounds.com

TorrentHounds is a way to find the best torrents in many internet places. There are a lot of places to get torrents, but the most important thing is to find the best and original one. Based on the same idea, TorrentHounds is the provider for thousands of torrent files.

TorrentHounds not only has torrents of old movies and music but also updates itself every day by giving its visitors brand-new torrent files. It works with two different types of services. First, TorrentHounds has a torrent directory with millions of torrent files. Second, it has its torrent client system that you can also download for free.

22. Nyaa


Link: https://nyaa.si

The service for Nyaa.se has ended. It was a Japanese BitTorrent-recognized torrent provider of anime movies. The site was the best place to get a torrent for users who love animated movies of all categories. At the Nyaa, they can find all types of anime movies.

Even anime movies for adults will be available here. Nyaa was said to have one of the biggest collections of anime movies for people who like to watch. It can look at torrent files in film, audio, software, pictures, literature, action, and others. It can also be used to look at animation-based films.

The time of data based on animation is many times higher than this. Nyaa.se also had a way for users to upload their torrent files; they just had to sign up for an account in advance. In 2014, the Japanese government said that the site was a great service for digital theft.

23. ExtraTorrent


Link: https://www.extratorrents-cc.com/

ExtraTorrent is the best torrent search engine and BitTorrent system in the world. It is a provider that gives users free access to the original torrent files.

The best system about ExtraTorrent is that it has a very advanced search engine. This search system is the best and easiest way for users to find and explore their favorite torrents. All they have to do is type in a few words.

ExtraTorrent is an independent search engine for torrent files, and it also delivers content for adults. In addition to the ones usually available on the best torrent websites. ExtraTorrent has one of the world’s largest directories of torrent files, and it is easy to use.

24. BitSnoop


BitSnoop is a torrent service that uses a peer-to-peer system. It has hundreds of thousands of torrent files, but these are useless if they are not valid. BitSnoop’s best quality is that it only delivers its users valid torrent files. It makes sure that its users will get enough seeds to download torrent files in the shortest amount of time.

At the moment, there are almost 24 million torrent files, and it gets updated with hundreds of other torrent files every day. It has one of the biggest databases of torrent files because it uses the databases of other top torrent sites a lot. At the moment, it depends on the nearly 300 torrent-based websites.

25. TorrentReactor


People say that Torrent Reactor is one of the most active torrent providers on the internet because it has millions of valid torrents and gives its users the newest torrents. Here, torrent files are in categories like adult, anime, music, movies, series and TV shows, seasons, episodes, and more.

Visitors to Torrent Reactor can search for torrents by popular and new torrents. The best system about Torrent Reactor is that it has an advanced search engine that makes sure visitors get the word torrent when they type it in. People can share their torrent files on Torrent Reactor, which makes it better than other sites.

With this system, Torrent Reactor becomes a place where users can search for torrents. Torrentreactor is currently indexing the millions of torrent files it got from the top torrent provider because it depends on the other ones.


What does Zooqle do?

It is still one of the most-used torrent sites today.

Has Zooqle Closed?

No. It is still a torrent site that people use.

Why do we need an alternative to the Zooqle site?

Since it is a popular platform, the site is sometimes down for maintenance. During that time, you will need to use a different site to continue your torrent downloading.

Have you tried any of the other torrent sites we told you about? In the comments, please tell us all about your experience.

Last Words

Right now, these are the best sites that are like Zooqle. A lot of them have a few things. But each is also different in many ways, and those differences can be both good and bad. If you’re downloading many torrents, it’s up to you to decide what you need, so make sure you look at them all.


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