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Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2022

Convesio is a managed web hosting security, which means that the web host company takes care of your site, including keeping it up to site and making sure it is safe.

You can also install popular apps like WordPress, Joomla!, and more with just one click. Drupal or phpBB.

What are the advantages of managed WordPress hosting?

You don’t have to worry about hackers getting into your website because Convesio’s servers are watched 24 hours a day by experts who will stop malicious attacks before they spread and damage other sites on our server.

If an attack is already happening, we’ll automatically block access from that IP address to protect everyone. Convesio is dedicated to offering the best-managed web hosting service.

No more waiting up all night just to watch your blog load slowly.

Web hosting is a market with a lot of competition. There are a lot of web hosts with similar prices and features, so it can be hard to figure out which one will work best for you.

Convesio web hosting has managed WordPress hosting plans that make your site load faster and can easily handle large traffic spikes.

Also, when choosing a web host, you need to ensure sure of at least two things:

  • Connections with a fast bandwidth
  • Web hosting companies that are close to users (geographic distribution)

Convesio web hosting has servers all over the globe to ensure sure latency is low and speed for web browsing.

They can be found in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific area.

Convesio Servers are located all over the world.

These web servers help us give our customers a website experience that is fast and as close to their time zone as possible.

They have already taken care of web hosting speeds, but it’s also vital to choose web hosts with fast servers all over the world. You can’t control where your web hosting server is located or how fast your web host’s bandwidth is, but Convesio hosting providers are the best at getting you a super-fast web speed wherever you are. Our network stores copy of your web pages locally so that visitors can see them almost as soon as they come to your site.

However, most web hosts are designed to support common website applications like Magento, Drupal, etc. without speed or configuration considerations. Worst case: web hosts have included bloatware and malware.

Managed Web Hosting Convesio Speed and Stability

Google page speed insights lets you compare your website’s load time to others. caching system, server-side optimization, and page redirects from third-party domains help webmasters rank higher in search engine results pages with convesio web hosting (SERP)

Optimize for mobile devices: more than 50% of searches come from smartphones, so optimizing websites for mobiles is crucial for SERP ranking.

Provide webmasters with Convesio console feedback and web hosting configuration best practices. Every webmaster can quickly make custom settings or use our expert web hosting support team.

Convesio was designed from the ground up for speed, security, and stability! Wefind worked hard to improve web page response times compared to other hosting solutions by letting you choose the right hardware and bandwidth:

SEO ranking depends on site speed, which makes it more appealing and responsive to visitors. Web pages load faster, and server-side algorithms optimize all images on each page to activate touch-friendly interface controls like carousels, lightboxes, and more without any additional mobile web development.

Conversion web hosting service is faster than other hosting solutions because we have a more powerful web infrastructure with advanced web servers that can process web page requests up to 3x faster than competing web hosts!

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure provide the fastest networks and data centers. Nginx-php7, HHVM, and Varnish have improved website response times by up to 600%.


Convesio offers a solution that is a copy running on another haproxy container. In this order, there are no downtimes and the organic search engine rank positions are kept.

Convesio says they are experts at creating custom WordPress plugins and have been hosting thousands of WordPress blogs and forums all over the world since 2004 without going offline for even a second.

Conformity with WordPress:

By default, HTTPS support is built into High Availability Hosting Plans, so visitors can use any web browser to access your site securely over encrypted connections. Mobile visitors can access your site from their phones, while desktop users have a faster experience thanks to convesio’s hosting infrastructure, which is the best in the industry.

Convesio uses high availability containers to send incoming traffic to different copies of WordPress that are all the same. Convesio balances the traffic using a proxy load balancer, and if any instance fails, Convesio will automatically take it offline and create a new copy in less than 2 minutes to avoid downtimes and keep organic search engine rank positions.

Fastest Caching System

A load balancer-built caching layer serves WordPress front-end web pages. Built from the ground up for high concurrency and capacity, this web cache system (more than 100,000 requests per second). An advanced distributed caching algorithm in memory and disk space has 5 layers of caching:

To reduce seek time, this web server uses RAM-cached hard drives. We automatically configure web accelerator plugins like W3 Total Cache (Varnish), WP Super Cache (mod rewrite), and Quick Cache (APC) to use our web cache systems.

About half of web requests have a web cache hit (meaning they were served at web server speed and didn’t need to be regenerated), and most web cache misses can be served from the WordPress database, which is also tuned for speed. Fast web serving in high traffic.

APC caches PHP scripts and Varnish caches HTML pages. The web cache system automatically detects which pieces are accessed to avoid regenerating them.

Compared to other hosting providers, who serve the same page every time without considering your visitors’ browser history, this improves performance.

Since the web cache is updated in real time, only changed pages need to be uploaded, making it faster to upload the website if you change FRVGTV4web web or templates. With other hosting providers, all pages are regenerated every time your website is requested.

Two data center web servers automatically process customer requests. If one web server gets busy, more are activated behind the scenes; if one crashes, another automatically takes its place. 99%+ availability and automatic failover are designed into the system.

Grouped Database

Webhost reliability is crucial.

You must ensure that your website is always up and running and backed up so that data loss can be restored quickly.

If your web host provides clustered databases, your MySQL databases are automatically backed up and hosted on redundant hardware in an active/active configuration, ensuring no single point of failure even during hardware breakdowns (see High Availability ).

When you use a web host like Convesio, which offers clustered database support for WordPress, the host automatically backs up your website’s databases on all the servers in the cluster.

This happens every 24 hours, but it can be changed to happen less often if needed. This means that if something were to happen to your website, it would be very easy for Convesio staff to restore your website’s complete database(s) from scratch within minutes, putting your site back to how it was before without losing any data.

Your web host should take these precautions without you having to do anything. However, remember that you are responsible for backing up your web content via FTP/SFTP before you do a database restoration by yourself, just in case the web host is busy when you need them the most!

Keeping track of applications

The web app monitor uses a “heartbeat” system to check on your site’s status every 5 minutes. When the web app monitor finds a problem with your site or doesn’t get a good response from WordPress, it will receive an incident. You can choose whether to send daily and weekly incident reports and which e-mail addresses should get them.

Convesio self-healing

Some web containers already have this feature built in, but not all of them do. I will show you how to create a self-healing web host by changing the source code, no matter what web container you are using.

So that we can keep an eye on our web container’s self-diagnostics, it needs to be able to check on itself from time to time to see if it’s alive or dead, just like web containers check on websites to see if they’re online or offline.

Let’s make a small web app that can tell us if our web container is still alive. To do this, we’ll send web requests to the web container every few seconds and make for a response of 200.

If we don’t get a 200 response back in 6 seconds, it means that for some reason, our web container is down. Now, let’s try making web requests to this web container from both localhost and a server that can be accessed from the outside. This will make sure that our web container can connect to itself in all possible ways.

Auto Scaling

Many web hosts offer auto-scaling, which is a great feature to keep your website up and running by adding more web servers to handle more traffic if needed.

Conversio hosts websites with automatic load balancing. This means that if your website gets a lot of traffic, our platform will automatically deploy multiple containers to handle the load.

Version Backups

Every web developer needs versioned backups for their websites in the style of Git. This is the only reliable way to keep a website safe from all the bad things that can happen in web hosting! Most web hosts don’t offer this feature, which is too bad.

Watching for security, a web hosting company that specializes in self-hosted WordPress websites and security, offers that service. In this age of increasing security breaches, choosing a web host that can keep you safe is crucial.

The staff uses infrastructure security measures to protect against outside attacks.

Security scanners at various points in the network perform daily active scanning for threats like rogue plugins and 24/7 passive security monitoring for anomalies like brute force login attempts.

The security team hires WordPress security monitoring, secure web portal, and security blog experts to maintain security. They learn about current security threats, how to avoid them, and how to prevent them.

  • Problems with domain names and DNS
  • Malware and hacking
  • Code errors
  • DDoS attacks
  • Updates to plug-ins and themes
  • Security and SSL problems on a website
  • Cloudflare configurations
  • The containers for Convesio are hosted on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. In the future, the company also plans to work with other providers like Digital Ocean.
Price $50 per month $100 per month $150 per month $350 per month
WordPressInstalls  Single Single Single Multiple
Traffic 10000 visits 50000 visits 150000 visits Customizable
Memory  512 MB 1 GB 2 GB Customizable
CPU One vCPU/ single thread Two vCPU/ single thread Four vCPU/ single thread Customizable

Check out Convesio Hosting.

How do I get started with Convesio Dashboard?

Convesio dashboard: I’m going to spend a few minutes giving you a quick tour of all the features and things so you can give up your first site quickly with managed WordPress Hosting Convesio. First, let’s create your new site by clicking “new site.”

Creating a new WordPress site in the Convesio dashboard:

  1. You’ll choose the right PHP version and the right WordPress version, and you’ll also be able to choose where your data center is located. We have data centers in the US, the UK, and Australia, but for this demo, we’ll stick with the US and click “Deploy.”
  2. The job console window will pop up, and the first thing it will do is give your WordPress installation some space on the database cluster. Then it will create the file system.
  3. This whole process can take anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds, depending on how busy the clusters are at the time. It shouldn’t take too long, though. As you can see, we are still building the file system and starting the deployment. This is putting WordPress on your container. After that, we’re just waiting for the container to come online, so we shouldn’t take too much longer. Right now, it’s been 46 seconds, so you can see how long it took, and this is the temp U. R. L. To set up your new WordPress site.
  4. It will take you to a screen where you can install WordPress. The database credentials are already there, so you don’t have to worry about that. Instead, enter your site title, username, and password just like you did when you first installed WordPress. Once that’s done, you can come back to your dashboard.
  5. We’re going to use this WordPress installation that has already been set up for the rest of this demo. We will take care of the site’s dashboard.
  6. And the domains will hold the next really big piece of information.

Putting in the Primary Domain Names

So you’re going to want to sign a primary domain like address and play the A. records of the route and the W. W. W. if you don’t have that pointed out the route record to this load balancer eyepiece you get to load balancers per WordPress site that creates the high availability solution and once you have that point where you’re going to click add domain.

  • Creating new domain addresses
  • Convesio-managed web hosting has an add-on for domains.

It has the domain name there. If you have the W, you’ll need to enter the domain name twice. W. W. Version without the W. W. W. Version, you will be able to access confessio, but in this case, all we have is a.

So you already know that.

And you can see that this is already the primary domain if we wanted to make it so.

The temp you are all the primary routes clicks on primary C. There is a house there. You also get a message in the top right corner.

Configuring SSL certificate

So, once you’ve set your primary domain and made it your primary, you should go to security.

You want to create an SSL certificate, and since this one already has one, we can delete it if we don’t have this permission.

Add SSL certificate to convesio hosting dashboard

Yes, you should get an SSL certificate and turn on Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Then you’ll just click the button next to the domain that you want to generate the SSL to agree to the terms and click continue.

And, as usual, we have another console that pops up and tells you how the job is going.

Yes, certificates don’t usually take long. However, you must have the DNS pointed at confessio before you do this, or else it won’t work. And as you can see up there, that is a domain cell state.

And it’s done, and you can also see it.

Backups for Convesio

Down here, people live. The next thing you’ll want to do is go to your backups.

Thank you for your backups. As you can see, there are already two snapshots of this, but you can create backups to automate them.

We’ll give you S. There’s already a schedule in place, so the daily is every day for 15 days, and every month, it takes a snapshot and keeps it for 65 days. You can change that, and there are a lot of ways to do so, so I’d suggest you look at it and decide what’s best for your site.

And the last thing you want to show you quickly is how to access the site using SFTP. To do this, go to settings > SFTP.

  • Web hosting with SFTP access
  • Backups for convesio web hosting

These are your SFTP credentials for the site. You can start using them right away. They are just provisions, and you can also turn on and off SFTP access for security.

The cache for convesio web hosting

And one last thing is a caching mechanism. You can enable caching on the site, which catches your website at the edge of our load balancers so that nothing hits your container. You can change the default TTL and also create special roles and personal cash down here.

Can’t Figure Out What to Do? Watch this video and do everything else on this list:

What’s the best?

When you use Convesio, you get all of these gains in performance for free.

Not only do we make WordPress hosting easy, but we also make it fast and stable at no extra cost. This is why webmasters love web hosting with Convesio: fast web servers, easy website management, and great support!

Every web host says that your information is secure, but how do you know? Our team of developers worked for years to get our web hosting setup, especially for WordPress, just right.

Web application firewalls (WAF), built-in virus prevention, and web application security features that block exploits before they reach your site are among our latest security innovations.

Our web architecture is lighter than other web providers while balancing server speed and enhanced security, according to webmasters.

Wrapping Up

Convesio web hosting is great for webmasters, web designers, web developers, and anyone else who owns a website because there are no costs for web hosting. You can scale WordPress up or down with just three clicks and no help from server admins. And the best part is that it’s free to try!


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