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10 Best Discord Voice Changer Software In 2023

This tutorial looks at the best Discord Voice Changer software and compares and prices them. Choose a paid or free discord voice changer the following list:

Discord Voice Changers mac are the most popular thing on the internet right now. The idea that you could change your voice so much that it was no longer recognizable is just as exciting now as it was when it was first thought of.

The idea that you could replace your voice with something out of this world can be both fun and useful.

Voice Changer For Discord

Today, most online gamers who want to stay anonymous on popular game streaming sites like Twitch use these tools to change their voice. And since we’re talking about Discord, in particular, these tools are a big part of chat apps like Skype and Discord.

Despite their obvious benefits, however, these tools have also been abused a lot. Online trolls seem to use it more and more to bother people. Even kids who are too young to join adult gaming chats have used this tool to get in.

A Discord voice changer can be used for good or bad, just like anything else. It all depends on the person using it. We promote these tools because they help our community in so many ways and are a sign of how far we’ve come as a species. We don’t like it when these tools are used in a sleazy way.

So, to show how great these voice-changing tools are, we’ll list some of the best discord voice changer apps that you can get right now. We’ll tell you what features they offer, how much it costs to use their services, and which tool is the best voice changer for Discord based on your personal preferences.

Here is a list of the most popular voice changers for Discord:

1. VoiceMeeter

The best way to manage audio sources is to mix audio.

voicemeeter banana

VoiceMeeter is a tool that is mostly for users who know what they are doing. We’re talking about users who know a little bit about how to mix audio. If you don’t like the voice effects that software like Clownfish gives you, you can use this tool to make an audio effect that fits your needs better.

VoiceMeeter is not easy to use, so we only recommend it to users who are familiar with how audio mixing tools work. If its complexity is its biggest flaw, then its ease of use in making a new audio effect that fits your needs is its best selling point.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Support interfaces like MME, DX, KS, WDM, and ASIO
  • It’s free to use

Verdict: We only recommend this tool to audio mixing professionals and people who know enough about a tool to use it well. Even though it is hard to use, it is a great free tool for making your voice effects for Discord.

price: Free

2. MorphVox

Best for a powerful and clear voice-changing application.

morphvox pro

MorphVox beats all the other tools on this list because it can make clear audio output without putting too much strain on the CPU. So that you can make the best sound effects, the tool even copies your voice.

MorphVox is also always getting better. In list to its usual features, MorphVox can now read MP3, restore files in the same folder, manage lists better, support plug-ins, and work with more than one user.

The tool is also really fun to use. You can add music in the background while you talk to your friends online, which makes online gaming more fun. You can also add some great sound effects to make the whole number even better.


  • Choose from an array of high-quality audio effects.
  • Use quick keys to play sound effects.
  • Very quiet noise cancellation
  • Designed to stream online games

Verdict: MorphVox is a gift for online gamers who want to add a little more fun to their games. It is an easy-to-use and powerful voice changer that is always getting better and adding new sound options and features.

Price: Free, $39.99 for Pro

3. Clownfish

Best for a basic voice changer that is free.


Clownfish is a very simple tool that lets you change your voice. It works great with Discord and also with other chat programs like Skype and Steam. Clownfish is a system-wide sound modification system, which means it can modify any sound that comes in from the microphone or any other line. It can run in the background.

Setting it up is easy and quick. The tool works with all versions of Windows. Even though we wish it had more sound features, it is still a tool we would recommend because of its simple interface.


  • A sound player that can play different sounds
  • Voice Assistant to turn written words into spoken words
  • Music in the background can be managed and controlled.
  • Choose from many different voice effects.

Clownfish don’t have a sophisticated voice-changing application because it prefers to be simple. Add to that the fact that it is completely free to use, and new users should be eager to try this tool.

price: Free.

4. Voicemod

This is the best way to add voice effects to Windows.

voicemod download

Voicemod is a tool that looks great and has a list of voice filters that is even more impressive. You can choose from a lot of different voice effects that are both fun and practical. Voicemod can help you make your voice sound like that of a robot. If you want to add a powerful baritone to your voice, the tool will help.

The tool is incredibly simple to use, works in real-time and is free on all Windows platforms. The software works with Discord, but you can also use it with Skype, Twitch, and other platforms for online chat or streaming.


  • When you install it, the Microphone Input Device setting for Discord is added automatically.
  • Live voice effect demos
  • Compatible with all games and apps made today
  • Windows is free

Verdict: Voicemod is a great free voice changer for Discord, especially if you are a gamer who wants to stay anonymous on a game streaming platform. Yes, it works well with Discord, but the fact that it also works with popular games like Fortnite and League of Legends makes it a must-have for gamers.

price: Free

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Best for chat and gaming platforms where you want to change or disguise your voice.

voxal voice changer

Voxal advertises itself as the best software to use if you want to change or disguise your voice on almost any online chat or game platform. It works pretty well at this job. The tool gives its users an overwhelming number of ways to change their voice. Thanks to Voxal, you can change your voice in a flash to sound like a girl, a baby, or even the devil.

It works great with video games, online avatars, and podcasts, in addition to being a great voice changer for Discord. The voice change is so amazing that it helps users stay anonymous when they are on the radio or on a podcast.

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The best thing about Voxal might be that you don’t have to change its settings and configurations for each application you use it with. For the best results, everyone can use the same settings.


  • You can pick from a variety of sound effects.
  • Universal settings for all applications
  • Real-time effect application
  • Create custom voice effects
  • Low CPU usage.

Verdict: Voxal is great for several reasons, salient of which is its ability to produce custom audio effects with low CPU usage. It works well with almost every program out there and is free to use.

price: Free

6. Voice Changer

This is the best way to add audio effects or background music.

voice changer

Voice Changer is about as basic as a tool for changing your voice can get. It gives you three easy options. You can either upload an audio file and disguise it, use a microphone to change your voice, or turn text into speech.

Voice changer’s welcome page shows you all kinds of voice effects right away. The voices range from a generic baby, girl voice to popular movie and cartoon voices. You can use this to your advantage when you play games online or talk to your friends online.


  • Upload and tweak the audio
  • Change and disguise your voice on a microphone
  • Check the voice effect demo
  • Speech generator.

Verdict: Voice Changer is just as simple as its name. It does the job it was made to do, though, in a very easy way. Don’t be fooled by how basic it looks. When it comes to using its voice-changing features, it can be very good.

price: Free

7. Super Voice Editor

Best for voice recording and editing on Android devices.

Super Voice Editor voice changer

Super Voice Editor is a smart voice editor that can sound and change your voice so that it sounds nothing like you. You can easily make your recorded voice to sound like a baby, a demon, or a well-known superhero character.

Aside from the obvious benefits listed above, the tool is also a great mp3 cutter and audio editing tool. It lets you add voice effects to your uploaded audio and cut your mp3 audio clip to a shorter length.

The tool can also modify your singing voice in a big way to make it sound more in tune and melodic than it would have on its own.


  • Voice recorder
  • Mp3 cutter
  • Audio editor
  • Audio tuner
  • Change your voice for chat apps

Verdict: Super Voice Editor is a great app to have on your Android phone if you want to change your voice or edit it to make it sound different in your chat apps. Apart from being a simple voice changer, the tool can also be used as a good mp3 cutter and audio editor.

price: Free

8. Voice Changer With Effects

Best for changing your voice on an Android phone.

Voice Changer With EffectsNow, here’s an application made just for Android users. The tool is easy to set up and use as a voice changer. You can disguise your voice using an array of options, and you can also add effects just for fun.

The tool lets you import already-recorded sound and tweak it to your liking. There are more than 40 different voice effects built into the tool. The tool can be used well with chat apps on Android.


  • Bring in recorded audio
  • Make text into speech
  • Set up ringtones and caller tunes
  • Post the finished product on social media

Verdict: Voice Changer with Effects is a good tool if you use it with your friends for fun. Even though it can help you disguise your voice on Android, the audio quality is still not very good.

price: Free

9. Discord Voice Changer 

Best app for changing your voice for fun.

Discord Voice Changer 

Discord Voice Changer calls itself an entertainment app, which makes sense when you look at its gallery of voice effects. The Discord Voice Changer shows a huge collection of voice effects that you can use to disguise your voice.

Some options can make you sound like an alien, an animal, or any of your favorite pop culture characters, like Yoda or Robocop. It has a clean and thorough interface that makes it easy for users to find the sound effect they want.


  • There are no limits on voice effect.
  • Interface that’s easy to use and looks clean
  • Use real-time sound effects
  • Make a voice change and save it.

Verdict: If you want to have fun, you should try the Discord Voice Changer app to disguise your voice and amaze your friends. It has a clean and complete interface and is free to use.

price: Free

10. AV Voice Changer 

Best for changing your voice in VoIP tools, RPGs, and chat programs.

av voice changer software
With AV Voice Changer, you can change every part of your voice and make it sound like a completely different person. You can sound like a woman, a child, a robot, or anything else you want. The tool gives you a lot of options for how you want your voice to sound and what effects you want to add to it. This lets you make a unique voice every time you use it.

Using virtual audio driver technology, the tool works right away with almost all VoIP tools, role-playing games, and chat kinds. You can disguise your voice on Twitch, Discord, Skype, and other similar platforms by using this tool.


  • Voice recorder
  • Voice editors
  • Morpher voice and file
  • Make your sound effects

Verdict: AV Voice is easy to use and can be integrated with any platform or application you want to help you disguise your voice while using them. It works well with Twitch or Skype and is great when used with Discord. It also lets you change your voice in different ways by combining different voice effects.

Price: $99.95


Voice changers are fun tools that, strangely enough, can also be used practically. These tools can be used by back-end call center workers to disguise their voices, help gamers stay anonymous on streaming platforms, and do the same thing on chat apps like Discord and Skype.

Even if you have no practical use for them, these tools can be a great way to kill time and amaze your online friends.

As for our suggestions, VoiceMod is a good choice if you want an online Voice Changer that works with chat apps and gaming platforms. Voxal Voice Changer is a good choice if you want a tool with powerful audio editing and voice-changing features and low CPU usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are voice changing apps legal?

Yes, you can use them. But the wrong way to use them is not. Some online trolls, for example, can use these tools to bother people. Children can also use it to enter online spaces that are not suitable for them. Both of these situations are illegal and can have serious legal repercussions.

Who do these voice changing tools cater to?

They primarily cater to gamers who want to remain anonymous on streaming platforms. Most of the fun, these tools are used by call center tools who want to hide their voice or make it easier for people to hear them on an online call, or by people who just want to play around with them.

Can a voice changing app also change accents?

Although tricky, there have been apps that are successful at both masking accents as well as in changing them. This will depend on the voice changer and whether it facilitates an accent modifying feature.


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