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10 Best Trackpads for Mac In 2022

Many people find that trackpads are easier to use than convenient computer mice. You don’t have to keep moving your wrists to click and point at things on the page. Trackpads make swiping, scrolling, and making hand gestures more comfortable. Also, the surface is bigger than the one on your Macbook.

Because they are simple, trackpads look good on the desk and don’t take up much. Their versatility allows them to be used for a wide range of tasks, such as editing photos, working with PDF files, and surfing the web. Now that you know how useful trackpads are, it would be better to read the trackpad users’ manuals to learn how they work.

Check out the list of the best tools below.


1. Magic Trackpad 2

Magic Trackpad 2

MacBook users can use Magic Trackpad. It has the most surface area at 6 inches long and 4.5 inches deep. It also has a battery that can keep going for more than two months. Like the trackpad that comes with the Mac, it works well. Apple’s Magic Trackpad immediately knows when you click, tap, or use other multitouch gestures. By the way, you can change how trackpad gestures work to make things easier for you.

2. W-Touch Touchpad

W-Touch Touchpad

W-Touch is the first option on this list in some ways. But this touchpad is a bit smaller, measuring 5.5×3.3 inches. Even so, there is a lot of room to get work done. W-Touch works with multitouch gestures like pinching to zoom or swiping with two or more fingers to switch desktops or drivers.

3. Logitech


This thin, light and cheap trackpad is powered by the two AA batteries that come with it. Also, they last 18 months, so you won’t have to buy new ones for more than a year. Also, the Logitech trackpad has a lot of hot keys that make it easy to change the volume or play music.

4. Mano 603 Touchpad

Mano 603 Touchpad

This trackpad is spacious and cheap, so you won’t spend more than you can afford. The Mano 603 touchpad has a long battery life, supports multitouch, and has several buttons built in, so you can quickly drag and drop files and select parts of text. There are places on each side of the device that can be changed.

5. REIIE Touchpad H9+

REIIE Touchpad H9+

This portable device works like a remote control and is another option to check out. You can quickly scroll through webpages with this multitouch trackpad. It’s small and doesn’t need a cord, so it will be convenient to take this tool with you when you travel. The REIIE H9+ Touchpad is also very easy to use.

6. Wacom


Wacom works as a trackpad and a tablet, so you can scroll and choose things on your Mac. This is the best option for artists, illustrators, and people who design graphics. Most creative professionals use this tool because it has a large drawing area and keys that can be changed. The Touch Ring is what makes Wacom stand out. It can be used to scroll, rotate, and zoom the canvas, switch between layers, and change the size of the brush.

7. Seenda Trackpad

Seenda Trackpad

People like that this trackpad can be plugged in and used right away. That means you don’t have to download any drivers before you can use the Seenda Trackpad. This device has a smooth glass surface that makes it easy to use. It also has multitouch gestures, convenient hotkeys, a one-touch mute button, and a USB-C cable.

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8. Mouse Arc

Mouse Arc

This device can be used as both a mouse and a trackpad. This small tool makes it easy to scroll up and down or left and right. The Arc Touch is available in black, burgundy, blue, and grey, among other colors. It’s a great option for people who work on their laptops away from home, like in cafes or airports.

9. PERIPAD-501


This Perixx trackpad comes in two different sizes. The smaller one is 2.31.7 inches, while the bigger one is 4.73.5 inches. Both have two buttons you can use to move around on your laptop’s interface. The Perixx PERIPAD-501 lets you scroll, rotate, and zoom your pages using several different gestures.

10. Touchpad with Jelly Combs

Touchpad with Jelly Combs

Many users love this touchpad because it is so thin. It supports many multitouch gestures, so you can zoom in on pictures by pinching outward, scroll with your fingers, and go back to the previous page with just one tap.

Last things to say

There are a lot of great trackpads that can keep your wrists from getting tired like when you use a regular mouse. Check out a device’s features and read online reviews before you buy it. We hope that this article will help you decide what to do.


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