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16 Awesome TikTok Alternatives In 2022

TikTok Alternatives: While the platform has seen astronomical growth since coming onto the scene in 2018, social media platforms come and go all the time. MySpace (in its original format), Vine, Google+… all gone. And who knows what will really happen to the app if Microsoft ends up buying it. What will TikTok influencers and brands advertising on the platform do to reach the Gen Z and Millennial audiences that flock to the app?

There’s never been a better time to check out alternatives to the popular short-form video-sharing app. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best TikTok alternatives you should try out now, you know, just in case.

Best TikTok Alternatives:


ByteDance debuted Douyin for Chinese users in September 2016. It launched for iOS and Android users in most areas outside of China in 2017, but TikTok wasn’t born until it combined with Musical.ly (then four years old) on August 2, 2018.

As of April 2020, TikTok has over 800 million active users and has been downloaded over 2 billion times (Sensor Tower) (Datareportal, 2020). It gives TikTok creators access to a massive library of music and sounds, great video editing tools, and the usual social media app features like voice changers, filters, effects, and more.

There are other apps like TikTok. Many video editing and sharing apps exist. 16 great TikTok alternatives.

1. Clash


Compatibility: Clash, a beta video app by former Vine creator Brendon McNerney and digital marketing veteran/USC Professor P.J. Leimgruber. Clash lets users create and share 21-second looping videos on a Now Serving page that surfaces popular content. Clash, like Vine, prioritises creators and community. Creators provide audio for Clash. Clash, released less than three weeks ago, has reached a quarter million users and reached #18 on the App Store and #2 on Twitter last Friday after Trump issued a TikTok ban.

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It helps creators who value honesty, creativity, and community make a living generating content full-time. Clash pays creators and plans to release “DROPS,” a system that lets fans support and reward videos and creators in micro amounts. Clash is available on iOS in the US/Canada and will launch on Android in September in select European markets.

 2. Triller


Because Triller is easy to use, celebrities use it to record and edit videos. Record your video and the app does the rest. Triller’s video editing features let you trim, filter, and sketch over videos like Snapchat.

Triller is not social media, but you can collaborate with friends. It can edit and share videos on social media.

3. Dubsmash


After Musical.ly emerged, Dubsmash lost some popularity, although it still has over 100 million instals. Dubsmash is all about entertaining lip-sync videos. Dubsmash has a large TV and movie quote library like TikTok. Stickers and text can improve music videos.

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The app has a news feed where you can follow channels and a “friends” section to watch videos from people you follow. You can upload videos to Dubsmash, save them to your camera roll, and share them on other social media.

 4. Byte


Byte replaces Vine. It lets users edit and share looping videos. Byte’s camera can record 6-second videos or edit your app-captured videos. Like TikTok, Byte gives you content from people you follow and new content.

5. Funimate


Funimate is quite versatile. Create video loops, simply apply slow-motion effects, compile several videos, and more. Like TikTok, it has a huge music and sound library for lip-syncing videos. You can quickly add text or stickers to videos with over 20 video effects. Funimate lets you choose a song and combine videos with friends. It’s fun but not TikTok’s Duet or React.

6. Lomotif


Lomotif lets you trim, edit, slow-motion, and more like TikTok. It has stickers, emojis, beauty filters, and a large music and effect library. The app lets you collaborate videos with friends.

Birthday and New Year features boost your profile on Lomotif to increase your presence.

7. Cheez


Vloggers, fashionistas, and comedians use Cheez. And, you can earn rewards when your videos get likes, shares, and comments… Or even by watching videos and leaving comments for other creators. Video editing tools let you cut, apply effects, stickers, and filters.

We like Cheez because you can join challenges, battle other users, post topics, and even danceOff.

 8. Vigo Video

Vigo Video

Vigo Video resembles Snapchat and Vine. If they want to show off their comedy, cooking, singing, dancing, or beauty skills, users must get to the point in 15 seconds. The app has many filters, including beauty filters to remove blemishes and even skin tone.

Similar to Cheez, you can earn rewards (in the form of actual, spendable money) when you get lots of likes, shares, and comments.



This is a social short-form video app that features content across several categories: lip-sync, blogging, beauty, comedy, prank, magic, and dance. KWAI is another app that rewards creators—the more followers you have, the better the rewards are!

To keep creators engaged on the app, KWAI regularly hosts contests and challenges that creators can participate in, making it easy to keep up on viral trends as they’re happening. Like Instagram and Snapchat, KWAI has “stories” that last 48 hours.

10. Likee


Android users can utilise Likee instead of TikTok. It has a large library of sounds and music and a Music Magic filter that applies effects to videos depending on music volume or intonation. Along with those features, Likee has a huge filter collection and lets users speed up and slow down footage, combine videos, and crop/trim videos.

Likee’s community lets you meet other creators and discover new videos. Best of all, Likee lets you share videos on all your social media accounts for maximum exposure.

11. Firework


Firework is like TikTok, but it prioritises video quality over followers. Thus, a superb video might make you famous on the app even if you have a little following. Trim, crop, add background music, and edit your videos with a powerful in-app editor are all here. There are still plenty of lip-sync videos here.

If you follow viral trends and make high-quality videos, Firework offers weekly video challenges with cash prizes. Firework is the place for talented creators to shine.

12. VideoShow


Music VideoShow enables users record and edit one-minute videos. It has millions of videos from other creators and tonnes of music. VideoShow is the easiest app to use, but it doesn’t have as many features as TikTok and other apps on this list. VideoShow is worth a look if you want something less flashy than TikTok or want to practise until you become an influencer.

13. Video Star

Video Star

Video Star’s large library of popular songs lets you make entertaining music videos. Add slow-motion effects, play the video in reverse, and other fun effects if music videos aren’t your thing. Video Star contains green screen, cloning, and other TikTok effects.

The app gets good reviews, but it only lets users make music videos, not vlogs or other video formats.

14. MuStar


Its webpage is horrible. MuStar is a good TikTok alternative. MuStar has more songs than TikTok. Video effects are comparable. The interfaces differ (UI). MuStar is simpler to use and find videos on.

15. Snapchat


Snapchat, possibly due to TikTok’s popularity, has grown over the past year. It allows users to record 60-second videos that disappear. The platform supports direct messaging, photo sharing, and more. Snapchat is a strong social media platform with 238 million daily active users and offers short-form video content.

16. YouTube


YouTube is fantastic for short-form video viewers but not creators. It has many TikTok, Vine, Snapchat, and other compilation videos so viewers can see the latest trends without downloading the apps. These compilation videos off their original platform don’t benefit creators and destroy the community that so many creators and viewers love.

BONUS: Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, the newest TikTok alternative, has huge reach due to Instagram’s popularity. Reels is part of Instagram, making it feel less fun and community-driven than TikTok. Reels lets creators upload 15-second videos and edit them in-app.

Instagram can replace TikTok without Reels. Users can add Instagram Stories, short-form videos, hashtagged videos, and go live on the platform. Reels lets you post videos to Instagram or to Explore.

TikTok Alternatives… Just in Case

Social media platforms are ephemeral. TikTok seems safe, but it’s been in the headlines since mid-2020 and has been banned by several governments, including India, where it had over 120 million users. Find the best TikTok alternative for your brand, followers, and you on this list. For safety.

TikTok is the finest, though. That’s why it’s grown exponentially in recent years. It has a large, active community and a near-psychic algorithm. TikTok is the best short-form video platform.


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