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9 Best Task Management Software & Tools For 2022

With the increasing use of AI and automation, tasks are getting more complex and difficult to manage. The best task management software & tools are designed to help users get their work done with an increased efficiency. Some of the most popular task management software & tools for this year include Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, and Zoho Projects.

The future of work is not a question anymore whether it’s possible or not. It is here and now, being experienced by millions of people around the world. With the continuous advancements in technology like AI and automation that has been happening over recent years, it is safe to say that we will be experiencing more efficient work in the near future.

What is Task Management Software?

By definition, task management software is a digital platform that aids in the management of tasks for both people and teams. These are not merely straightforward to-do lists. Teams can collaborate online by organising, prioritising, and assigning tasks to one another using task management systems.

  • Deadlines are set in advance through task scheduling.
  • Task modification and updating to reflect current circumstances.
  • Task tasks to internal employees, external partners, or both.
  • Alerts and notifications to remind users of forthcoming duties and tasks
  • Templates or recurring tasks to standardise repetitive workflow steps.

To add further stages inside a task, use tasks or parent tasks.
Time tracking to keep track of how much time is spent on various tasks.
Reporting on progress to monitor where we are in relation to the main objective.
The task of tasks by a shared team or project using tags, labels, and channels.
Task-visualization tools like to-do lists.

Then what does task management software actually do? There is a spectrum of complexity and technological improvement among various systems, as there is with most software. Having stated that, typical features include:

Benefits Of Using Task Management Software

Benefits Of Using Task Management Software

There are several advantages to your daily workflow whether you utilise task management tools alone or with a team. Among the top 3 benefits are:

Streamlined workflow Individuals and teams may keep track of, assign, and organise all of the steps in a given workflow with the aid of task management software. This is advantageous since it finally identifies areas that need to be corrected for redundancy, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks.

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greater productivity Worker time spent sorting through data and organising themselves is decreased thanks to task management software. It also enables employees to prioritise tasks, keep up with current obligations, and avoid things falling through the gaps. Task management software can ultimately dramatically increase team productivity.

Greater efficiency in collaboration. How frequently do you discuss next actions in a meeting or over the phone only to fail to record them? Or perhaps a project you’ve been working on has a new deadline, and you now need to individually inform each team member. With everyone on one platform thanks to task management software, communication is enhanced and everyone is aware of the tasks they are in charge of and the deadlines by which they must be finished.

Best Task Management Software & Tools Hive

Best Task Management Software & Tools

Teams can work more quickly with Hive because to its comprehensive software. Teams of various sizes can use Hive as a task management tool to manage incoming tasks, distribute work among team members, and engage on the platform. Thousands of teams use Hive for project management, remote work, and general team collaboration in addition to being a fantastic task management software. Sign up on the website for a free trial of Hive, then launch your workplace in a matter of minu

Some features of Hive:

  • Create tasks from conference notes and assign them.
  • Create tasks from emails and assign them.
  • Give both internal and external users tasks
  • Six alternative project layouts are displayed for tasks: Calendar, database, portfolio,
  • Kanban, Gantt, and summary
  • resourcing and time tracking
  • Organize, upload, and affix files to tasks
  • Utilize templates to produce repeatable tasks
  • Use comments and tags to discuss tasks.
  • Try the blog Hive butto



One of the best task management tools is Todoist, which enables users to see all of their tasks in one tool. Users can manage tasks and projects, either for themselves or as part of a team, using it as an online to-do list. People favour Todoist because of its simple user interface and mobile app, which make it simple to utilise on a regular basis when new tasks arise.

Todoist, however, works best for teams or companies with straightforward workflows because it is less software-rich than other task management programmes. We suggest looking into other project management software options if you have more complicated requirements, such as those for Gantt charts or Kanban boa

Some features of Todoist:

  • Make repeating tasks and subtasks.
  • Commenting on tasks and projects
  • Favorite sites to visit to keep important projects, labels, or filters in mind
    levels of prioritisation
  • Todoist Karma gives points for doing tasks and keeping streaks going.



MeisterTask is a task management software that can support teams with a wide range of workflows despite being created with agile teams in mind. The features of this software have been streamlined to be intuitive and user-friendly. Teams utilise the platform’s adaptable Kanban-style boards to organise tasks and monitor track of a project’s progress. The free basic plan offered by MeisterTask, which provides restricted use (for an infinite number of project members), is one of its most alluring features.

Some features of MeisterTask:

  • Differentiating between task “assignees” and “watchers” according to the degree of responsibility
  • Integrated Time-Tracking
  • The choice to add unique fields to tasks
  • Several check-tasks for each task
  • Tasks may include files and graphics.
  • Task connections and tags

visual task management informally

visual task management informally

You can set up your tasks however you like with the visual task management tool Casual. Not just project managers benefit from casual; all small or expanding project-based teams do as well. Casual is unique in that it doesn’t display tasks in conventional project plan views; instead, it lets users arrange tasks according to how they genuinely picture them in their minds. Even pre-set templates in Casual can help you get started if you have never used visual project management.

Some features of Casual:

  • Visualization of the workflow
  • Charting
  • Grouping and task dependencies
  • Defining deadlines and assigning tasks
  • Projects and tasks that are repeated
  • Tracking milestone no.



BigContacts’ home pageBIGContacts is a powerful CRM with outstanding task management features. By consolidating all tasks and related data into a single platform and removing platform switching, it enables you to streamline corporate processes. Individual productivity increases, and task efficiency as a whole increases. To ensure that you never forget a crucial deadline, BIGContacts lets you to automate recurring tasks and set up reminders.




With the help of to-do lists, any member of your team can keep track of the tasks they still need to complete. They can also browse the activity calendar in its entirety to stay informed about impending activities. BIGContacts delivers sophisticated reports in addition to a full picture of tasks, making it simple for you to monitor tabs on the effectiveness and progress of tasks. Additionally, the mobile version of this tool allows for tracking of all these tasks while on the go. Task management is automated by BIGContacts so you can accomplish more in less time.

Some features of BIGContacts:

  • To-do lists and tasks with priority setting
  • Individual and team calendar views
  • Automated alerts and reminders
  • Repeated tasks
  • CRM access via mobile
  • Simple task delegation and tracking



A task management and project management tool called nTask makes it easier to track project development, team collaboration, and risk assessment. The application’s intuitive, user-friendly layout makes onboarding new users a breeze. Due to its availability across numerous platforms, nTask is extremely simple to use.

Among nTask’s features are:

  • Task management
  • Management of risk
  • Project management
  • Team management
  • Gantt diagrams
  • Kanban panels
  • Integration of zoom
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Problem tracking
  • Tracking of time
  • Management of timesheets



With the help of the all-in-one work management platform SmartTask, small and large businesses as well as corporations can organise and manage their work from a single location. Stop switching between several project and task management, CRM, time tracking, communication, and collaboration software because SmartTask includes all of them.

It lets you to manage tasks using the list, board, calendar, and timeline views and includes standard task management features including recurring tasks, subtasks, due dates, and dependencies. With the portfolio view and workload view, you may manage numerous projects while effectively allocating resources. You may group chat, phone call, video conference, and exchange files with everyone in the company with SmartTask’s team collaboration features.

Zapier, Integromat, Slack, Jotform, Mailchimp, and numerous other programmes are all integrated with SmartTask. Additionally, it has a white labelling function that enables you to display your own branded workspace.

Some features of SmartTask:

  • Utilize the list, board, calendar, and timeline views to manage your tasks.
  • Task dependencies, repeating tasks, subtasks, deadlines, and reminders
  • Make task tags and contacts.
  • Track time spent on tasks both automatically and manually.
  • Activate voice calls and video conferences from tasks
    On-task tasks
  • Add files from your PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive to tasks.
  • Tasks from emails imported.



This is a task management software designed primarily for developers. Clubhouse task management tool. This tool includes everything developers require to manage their own software project, neatly organised in a user-intuitive interface devoid of superfluous features. By integrating with popular tools like GitHub, Slack, and Zapier to cut down on repetitive tasks and increase productivity, Clubhouse makes software development as simple as possible. For small to medium-sized Agile teams that adhere to the Kanban technique, this software is appropriate. Start a free trial on their website to give it a try.

Some features of Clubhouse:

  • Tracking of Percentage Complete
  • Task import
  • Manage recurring tasks
  • Parenting tasks



A task management software made exclusively for independent contractors is called  This tool, which was designed with common freelancer tasks in mind, aids in managing everyday tasks inside a single digital dashboard. Users are able to manage projects, make to-do lists, and allocate tasks to clients. To assist users in understanding where they are most productive, what they have completed, and how they are pacing overall, Tasklog also displays overviews and data insights.

Some features of Tasklog:

  • To specific time entries, assign tasks
  • Time-tracking
  • Online costs and invoicing
  • Assignment of a client task
  • Pomodoro Timer Reporting and Insights with Customization

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