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25 Best SumoTorrent Alternatives In 2023

Among torrent sites, SumoTorrent has been around the longest. Sumotorrent software has remained stable throughout the rise and fall of competing torrenting and file-sharing sites, always providing the best torrents from which users can download their content of choice. SumoTorrent is my go-to torrent website because not only do they have torrents for every imaginable category, but all of the torrents on their site have been checked and confirmed to be genuine. Moreover, compared to other torrent sites, the download speeds offered by these torrents are the fastest. SumoTorrent offers the highest-quality torrents available to anyone, registration required or not.

Unfortunately, SumoTorrent is now encountering problems. As a result of stricter internet laws, many countries have blocked access to the file-sharing platform SumoTorrent. Your government or Internet service provider may have blocked access to the Torrent sharing website sumotorrent games if it is not opening for you. Have no fear! Using these SumoTorrent proxies and mirrors, you can still access the original site. However, this strategy might not always be successful, therefore it’s advised that you retain a list of additional, quicker SumoTorrent options. These sites, like Sumotorrent music, will be updated often, and you can count on getting high-quality torrents at breakneck rates.

Here are the 25 Best Alternatives to Sumotorrent in 2022

See the site of sites to SumoTorrent that I’ve put below. You can rest assured that when you browse any of these SumoTorrent alternatives, you will find all the features available in SumoTorrent, as they have all been hand-picked after checking. Even if SumoTorrent is down, you can still enjoy torrenting.



On RARBG, you can find a lot of high-quality torrents of TV shows, movies, video games, pornography, and music because the site is well-organized and does not have a lot of advertisements. Even though registration is not necessary, you can access features like the wish list by creating a free account.

There are several ways to browse summotorrent, including by type, size, date of upload, and a number of seeders.

Many countries dislike this site, but it’s still a top destination for purchasing gushes online. RARBG’s layout is user-friendly and uncomplicated; there has been no crypto mining on-site, and users can feel safe by connecting to a virtual private network.

2. Nyaa


This torrent tracker can find content from China, Japan, and Korea. While Nyaa is most widely associated with its Anime material, it can also accommodate other content types. It is impossible for any other content to exist on this website. Super easy: Narrow your search users by selecting a specific category, user, or trusted source on Nyaa. You can use filters to sort the sumotorrent you’re looking for based on the date it was uploaded, the number of seeders, the size of the file, the number of downloads, the percentage of the file that has been downloaded, and the material of the comments.

The quality of their search function is also high. You can tell which gushes are from recognizable clients (green), which are for remakes (red), which are for completed series (orange), and which are covert (grey). Everyone is free to use Nyaa at no cost.

3. Torrentz2


Finland launched Torrentz2 in 2003, and it remained active until 2016. Globally, it is used by a lot of people to share enthusiastic reviews of movies and other media. This Torrentz2 clone, launched in August2016, isn’t as popular as the original. The site is a metasearch engine, meaning it only displays results from other search engines, and users cannot upload their content. In addition, there is no download option available.

Torrentz.EU, where you can find the Torrentz2 movie website, does not take responsibility for any illegal behavior and does not advocate unlawful data sharing; it merely notifies and shares what other websites have to offer. As with Google, the site provides an instantaneous response. Torrentz2.eu is a perfect system for you if you’re a gush of gushing.

4. 1337x


1337x is an exclusive platform for torrent-based content, and files have the shape between streaming the file via the provided torrent link or downloading it via the provided magnet link. Users can use any torrent client or download manager to get their torrent files thanks to the site’s magnet link downloading system. There are millions of people all over the world who take advantage of this service to access and download torrents.

1337x has the most up-to-date and reliable torrents for a wide variety of media, including anime, apps, original documentaries, movies, music, adult movies, TV shows, seasons, and episodes. 1337x also provides a shortcut system for searching by browsing trending torrents, movie libraries, and TV libraries, making it far superior to other search engines. At the moment, 1337x relies on a select group of popular-traffic torrent websites.

5. Limetorrents


Limetorrents.info is a gush site with that purpose in mind. Various information, data, and software (including but not limited to TV shows, music, games, apps, and animations) are available for customers to explore. The homepage of the website provides all the information a customer could need. In addition, there is a blog section.

This blog features insightful posts for tech-savvy readers and recommendations for popular shows, films, and digital animations. The website’s navigation is structured to show the most recent, most downloaded, and most installed gushes as well as the site’s most popular ones. Simply clicking the links provided in the site’s listings, customers can quickly sign up for the site and install downloading and installing torrents.

6. Torrentdownloads.me


MeTorrent is a Sumo Torrent customer that provides individuals access to a wide variety of torrent torrents. For instance, it has a built-in search engine and a simple user interface. Torrents can be sent to the site from any BitTorrent tracker, and visitors’ identities will remain hidden. Books, Anime, games, music, movies, and TV Shows are just some of the sumotorrent available. They are all listed in a list on the homepage of the website.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is strongly recommended when interacting with TorrentDownloads. Avoid being followed by doing this. However, users receive free VPN protection for the first six months of use. One can use the website’s comprehensive search bar to find any information posted there. Users with accounts can access their information and create new ones with a button.

7. ExtraTorrent


To keep tabs on the latest buzz in the entertainment industry, the creators of ExtraTorrent, a massive home entertainment downloading and install service of electronic media and software, have launched a new gush tracking initiative called ETTV. You can find many recent releases to download at the website sumotorrent downloads. Many popular films, recent television shows, and even programs are available for your selection. No registration is required to use it. A functional torrent client, such as BitTorrent, can be downloaded and installed from the site. Nothing else is required to acquire and utilize it.

The file-sharing service ExtraTorrent ceased operations in 2017, prompting the launch of ETTV. Since then, sumotorrent com has faced numerous obstructions in certain countries, but the site continues to operate despite constant attempts by governments around the world to stifle it. The content warns its individuals to stay away from a lot of potentially malicious addresses that use similar-sounding domain names.

8. Torrentpier.com


Users of the torrent tracker Torrentpire.com have access to a lot of gushes. The site’s forums cover a wide range of topics, including webmastering, torrentpier.com, gush tracking, software bug reporting, ocelot commenting, XBT software bug reporting, torrentpier resources, and just about anything else. A repository of past content is also available.

There’s a place for live people, the latest posts, relevant links, and forum data. The site also features quick links to its latest updates, an image gallery, helpful materials, and satisfied patrons. New users can quickly and easily create an account by selecting the “register” link. Anyone who has previously registered can log in again. People from Russia make up a sizable lot of this site’s user base.

9. YTS


YTS.lt is like a phoenix from the ashes of TorrentZ, Kickass Torrents, and The Pirate Bay. A large lot of other copies, however, have recently reappeared. Customer: The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is highly recommended prior to downloading any torrents from sumotorrent.in (VPN). Individuals of this tracker have access to the most recent releases of high-quality movies. Because of the high concentration of people living in the area, tourists frequently visit it. After being sued for a substantial sum, the MPAA decided to shut down this site.

However, Crones on this site provides the same services as this one. The original YTS.am has been replicated, along with many others. The most downloaded files are displayed on the front page of YTS. A customer can look for a specific film by pressing a “search” button.

10. EZTV 


Customers are able to download and install gushes via the system discussed on eztv.io. EZTV provides people with instant access to the latest movies and types of their favorite shows. Thus, watching the torrents online is possible and then download them at your convenience. A virtual private network (VPN) should be used to ensure data security when downloading from this website. The search bar on eztv.io makes it easy to locate specific pieces of online media.

As an alternative to typing in a search term, the person can select a program from the subsequent drop-down button and view it. Users can also participate in list groups, track their favorite shows, and make notes about forums of interest. Advertisements support EZTV, but users who register can disable the interruptions. There may still be some doubts in your mind about whether EZTV will meet your needs.

11. Fast-torrent. ru

Fast-torrent. ru

Fast-Torrent. In its early things, RU was designed to be a fast gush tracker that would aid in the rapid release of new people. Given that the website originated in Russia and was developed in Russian, people need only switch their browsers to begin using it. The website also features kid-friendly fare, movies, TV shows, animations, song files, forums, games, and more.

The comments content of the site also means you to view feedback on shared or posted people. Here, you can see the schedule for upcoming films. The more flexible food ordering system is as easy to use as the days of the week that end in “y.” Warnings are downloaded on the system to remind users that they should only use downloaded content for its intended purpose. This free system is provided at no cost.

12. Torlock 


The motto of Torlock.com, a torrent search and gush index, is “No Fake Torrent Site,” which presumably means that the site does not store any fake torrents but only verified ones. Users who find these phony gushes are rewarded with a monetary reward of $1. There is a list of things on Torlock, including movies, video games, music, software, and more.

There are currently six of these gush websites (that means government clogs for you) on website. A user-easy layout was a priority in designing this website. When a torrent was uploaded, how big its gush is, how many people are sharing it, and whether or not it is actively growing are all indicated in the torrent’s line. On the website, instructions are provided for locating and installing a VPN for users interested in opening an account.

13. Zooqle 


Zooqle is a gush site that aggregates data from over a thousand different torrent trackers and makes it accessible to the general public. I think it is crucial for a clean appearance and simple operation. Zooqle is the world’s most popular online search engine, and the company makes no secret that Google is heavily based on it. The lot it is based on and how it works visually inform a great deal of its functionality.

Zooqle is free all over the world for no cost. Your search will yield many results drawn from across the web. These results are compiled from a wide lot of publicly available gush trackers. In this way, you can easily find the desired book or piece of software.

14. Movcr.tv  


MovCr is a great app for spreading praise. The newest movies and TV shows are available to users in the website’s collection. The menu with sumotorrent.eu also allows you to download and install the files you like and have recently downloaded. Here, you can find a selection of today’s popular movies and television shows.

15. Pcgametorrent.ru

PCGames Torrent

You can find a wide game of games on pcgametorrent.ru, a Russian torrent website that provides online access to PC games. Customers of the site can peruse the menu items to get an idea of what fare is offered. The home button, the games of the year, the different types of video games, the different types of games, and the online playable game are all included.

On the Games About drop-down box, customers can play the genre of video game they are interested in purchasing. A second option for choosing a specific genre of video game to play is provided by Genre Games. The site hosts a plethora of games that visitors can enjoy instantly or save for later.

16. Torrentigri.xyz


Torrentgri.XYZ is a torrent website where individuals can download games from a wide variety of genres, including arcade, simulation, fighting, and shooting games. This site has a perfect search system, which helps individuals quickly find the content they need on the web. The website’s articles can be saved locally on a computer.

On this website, you can find a popular variety of video games, from exciting indie games to lesser-known games to games that have achieved global acclaim. There are also downloadable issues that are simple to resolve and have a high transfer rate. Video games can be downloaded and installed from this site without the user having to create an account. To ensure the data is safe to use, it checks it before downloading and installing it.

17. Thepiratebay


On The Pirate Bay, a user-contributed torrent site, you can find torrent files for movies, music, games, books, and paid software. The most well-known place to download torrent files for free, or at the very least at a popular cost, is widely acknowledged to be The Pirate Bay. The only real drawback to using The Pirate Bay is that it doesn’t give its users the meta link.

The torrent client will automatically download the torrent file whenever a user attempts to download a torrent. The Pirate Bay then compels the user to initiate a direct download. When compared to other websites, The Pirate Bay is clearly not as user-friendly. However, The Pirate Bay’s massive engine allows you to find the top content.

18. BitSnoop


BitSnoop is the P2P torrent service. If the torrents it provides are invalid, the hundreds of thousands of files it provides are useless. BitSnoop’s strength lies in its only ever delivering its users with legitimate torrent files. The time makes that users will have access to sufficient “seeds” to download torrent files as quickly as possible.

Torrent clients automatically update with tens of hundreds of new files each day, bringing the total addition of torrent files to almost 24 million at this time. It has one of the largest collections of torrent files because it depends so heavily on the databases of other top torrent providers. Currently, the nearly 300 torrent-based websites are necessary for the website.

19. Toorgle


Toorgle is a Google-backed search engine that indexes and displays torrent files, enabling users to find any information relevant to your content. In time to provide the most relevant results for each search, the site crawls through approximately 450 torrent-related websites simultaneously.

Toorgle is now one of the most popular torrent search sites, with over 55,000 torrent indexes, a Facebook app, and a search bar for the firebox. It has a search bar reminiscent of Google, allowing users to look up anything and everything and download anything from movies to games to whatever else they can think of.

20. TorrentHounds


With TorrentHounds, you can take a whiff of the best torrents from anywhere in the world. Torrent hosting sites are abundant, but what matters is finding the one with the actual file you need. TorrentHounds, which operates on the same principle, hosts thousands of torrent files.

TorrentHounds not only keeps its users up-to-date with the latest torrent files every day, but it also offers torrents of classic movies and music. This service has two components: first, a torrent directory hosted by TorrentHounds, which houses millions of torrent files; and second, a torrent client system hosted by TorrentHounds itself, which is also freely downloadable.

21. ETTV  


ETTV is simple to understand and easy, making it an easy choice. In the top right corner of the screen is a search bar where you can type the name of the film, song, or software you wish to download. You can refine your search by various criteria, such as the number of seeds, the author’s name, and the publication date. It’s possible that there are other people in the world who share your passion for the same shows.

If you’re having trouble choosing what to watch, ETTV can make recommendations for some shows based on what people have discovered to be popular. The ETTV.tv FAQ section answers the most important questions. The founders of ETTV may also be contacted via email. Simply click the “follow” button to receive updates on any new content or changes. Numerous benefits come with premium membership.

The ads will be removed first. You can always enlist the aid of well-known people if you don’t have access to certain data at the time. Additionally, you may get a badge identifying you as an ETTV.tv fan. Paying using bitcoin and other crypto-objects is possible. Are you on the fence about switching to ETTV? Please go through the options that are listed below.

22. Torrent Reactor


Torrent Reactor is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic torrent providers online, constantly updating its database with the latest torrents for its users. These files are available for download here in a wide range of categories, including adult content, anime, music, movies, series and TV shows, seasons, episodes, and much more.

Torrent Reactor visitors can search their torrent by selecting either “popular” or “newest” torrents. The best thing about Torrent Reactor is the sophisticated search engine system that makes that visitors enter the word “torrent” in their queries. Torrent Reactor is superior to similar sites because it encourages users to exchange torrent files.

Torrent Reactor’s system is what makes it a community-driven torrent search platform. Torrentreactor, which relies on the other torrent providers, is currently indexing the millions of torrent files it has obtained from the leading torrent provider.

23. IsoHunts


IsoHunts is one of the official BitTorrent peer-to-peer torrent sites. It’s a directory of thousands of torrent files, including videos, movies, books, apps, and other computer software.

Visitors can look through as many torrents as they like and download as many as they like without limits on the size of the files they can upload.

Because IsoHunts also includes a system for uploading torrent files, it is always open to those who wish to share their own. It is not necessary to upload torrent files in order to use the torrent sharing system. In addition to downloading and sharing torrents, it also allows its users to create them. IsoHunt’s system is what makes it the top service of torrent websites.

24. Extratorrent2 


You can find digital media, apps, and software on Extratorrent2, which is a website dedicated to such things. This website caters to those who use the BitTorrent protocol for file sharing, allowing them to search, download rapidly, and contribute magnet links and files. The site is widely recognized as a major destination for a wide variety of content.

You can use this to find and get any kind of media file you want, whether it be a movie, an app, a game, or any other type of digital content. One of the best features of this platform is that it offers a variety of categories to explore, including Browse Torrent, Top 100, Music, and TV Shows, which saves you a ton of time.

You can access Extratorrent2’s global world of millions of users at any service. Everyone can use it without providing any personal information, and downloading content does not necessitate registration, but contributing content does. After you log in, you’ll have full service to all of the features.

25. Torrent Galaxy


Torrent Galaxy is a peer-to-peer file-sharing game where users can freely find and download media, including movies, music, software, games, documentaries, educational materials, and more. The best thing about this platform is that it only offers verified torrents that lead to genuine links. The P2P torrent site’s service is available worldwide and is totally free to use.

The site’s advanced search box and user-friendly layout make it easy to find any torrent of your choosing. Put in the torrent’s name, tag, or whatever else is relevant. It will show all relevant results in a flash, and you’ll have complete discretion over which ones to download.

A torrent recommendation system, similar to those found on other torrent sites, is also based on Torrent Galaxy. Among its many other advantages, it is updated every day, is free at no cost to users, can recommend popular content, and much more.

Questions & Answers about Sumotorrent

Why isn’t Sumotorrent working?

Some countries, such as India and the UK, are still using it. If sumotorrent movies is unavailable in your region, it may be because your government has blocked access to the site. You can use this situation to your benefit if you know how to adjust the settings.

Is it Legal to Rent a Suitor?

Without proper permission, streaming a film or TV show online was illegal. sSumotorrent search engine is one example. On the other hand, it provides zero resources for its material. Just a collection of external links to other online video streaming services.

I was wondering if Sumotorrent was a secure site.

Simply put, it is inappropriate for use. There are several potentially harmful messages in this article that should be avoided at all problems. If you’re unsure whether you need this site, don’t use it.


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