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Top 30 Best Squid TV Alternatives to Watch Sports Online

Free TV channel viewing has been fairly popular in recent years. With an abundance of IPTV websites available on the internet, you do not need to spend hours searching for the content you like to watch. Previously, entering a particular keyword might lead to fraudulent websites. We would quickly leave that website outraged by the advertisements and accidental clicks. However, with dependable free IPTV services such as Squid TV, we now have one of the most dependable websites for content consumption.

What exactly is Squid TV?

Squid TV is an IPTV website with a comprehensive directory of television channels from across the world. It is a content aggregator website where you can find a variety of free-to-air TV channels as well as premium channels that you would typically have to pay for on a Cable or Satellite TV network. Squid TV provides access to over one thousand channels from every country. You can watch News, science, music, ethnic, entertainment, sports, shopping, and religious media for free on Al Magharibia TV in Algeria and ZBC TV in Zimbabwe.

Why should you use Squid TV to stream?

IPTV websites are crammed with content from top to bottom, which is one of their most appealing features. You can find a variety of niche-specific live programming. You can browse by location in each topic and select from over a thousand channels. For example, if you are in the United States yet wish to watch BBC News, you may do so by selecting the channel from the location or content classification menu.

In-depth categorization

I appreciate the developers’ efforts to make the content accessible and consumable for the target audience. On Squid TV, the developer’s efforts to simplify the categories so that users can find content relatively easily are evident. There are numerous categories to pick from News, Scientific & Education, Music, Ethnic, Entertainment, Religion, Sports & Recreation, and Shopping.

Dual language capabilities

I assume that Squid TV is headquartered in Japan. This is the reason why the website supports two languages. The website is accessible in both English and Japanese. Since most people are not proficient in Japanese or English, I feel that they will introduce additional languages over time. Having a dual option, however, speaks loudly about their efforts to offer more than their competition.

Diversification based on location

This feature demonstrates the developers’ efforts to enhance the user experience. You have the option of selecting both the country and the state. For instance, if you wish to watch WRDE-TV, a news channel from Delaware, United States, you can do so by selecting the country and then the region.

Acceptable streaming quality

Without a doubt, the website is like an ocean filled with advertising sharks. However, the differences only exist until you find the content. Once streaming begins, there are minimal to no latency difficulties, and the stream is stable, assuming you have a sufficient internet connection speed.

How do I access Squid TV?

Accessing Squid TV is extremely simple. You can enter the keyword ‘Squid TV’ into a search engine or type this link: Squid TV. Not only can you access the website directly from search engines, but also the internal pages. Under the initial results, there are six primary options: the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. If you select one of the alternatives, you will be led to a page containing content from that region.


Squid TV’s website feels empty. Squid TV resembles an unfinished HTML project by a high school student, which is necessary for me to provide a positive evaluation. With no disrespect intended, the design of this website is not commensurate with its functioning. The following categories will examine why I feel it lacks a proper design sense.


When you land on a website, the header section is one of the first elements you see. However, the header section of Squid TV consists of a logo on the left and a search bar on the right. I am aware that many premium streaming services have this design, but Squid TV lacks the contrast or background color necessary to make the header’s simplicity stand out.

Section Hero

The Hero Section is where the website becomes simultaneously livelier and messier. There is a GDN banner immediately preceding the content. In terms of content placement, the layout lacks distinction. There are various places within a vertical category in which a distinct hue represents each continent. Under the What’s New section on the right, there is a list of countries that, when clicked, provide access to channels from those countries.


As you approach the body, you will notice two advertising banners: a leaderboard ad in the center and a 336280 ad on the left. The Editor’s Picks section has some of the best channels from around the world, such as Sky News, Bruzz, Al Arabiya, Bloomberg Quint, and TRT News, to name a few. On the website’s left side is an alphabetical list of all the available countries.As you scroll down, social plug-ins such as Facebook, Twitter, and Search will appear on the left. It is accompanied by a list of channels selected by the editor. Under this section are two ads of comparable size covering both sections.

As you scroll down, the ‘Search by Region’ option will find on the right. However, it is not necessarily searched by region, as the United States has a news choice alongside New York, Florida, Missouri, and other states. This is either an error or a sign of sloppy design. If you thought that was enough, there are two additional ads below this section that will hinder your streaming experience.


At least the gradient in the Squid TV footer makes it look acceptable. Five primary options are available, including Site Map, Alphabetical List, English, Japanese, and Contact Us.

Inner Pages

In terms of layout, inner pages follow the same pattern as the homepage. The only difference is that content categories appear before advertising banners. You can bypass the banners by clicking on one of these content categories. There are five rows that assist you in finding content based on its location. However, following each of these rows is a GDN banner, which is really annoying when browsing the phone.


Content is Squid TV’s greatest asset. What it lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in content. There are eight main categories of content: News Channels, Ethnic TV, Entertainment & Cultural TV, Shopping TV, Music TV, Sports TV & Videos, Scientific & Education TV, and Religious TV. Each of these buckets contains a variety of channels from around the world. For example, click on News. You will find content from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Japan, and New Zealand, among others.

Desktop/Mobile experience

My preference for streaming IPTV websites on my mobile phone is hardly a secret. This website is an excellent example of why this is the case. The streaming experience is rather tedious due to the abundance of ads. Nonetheless, I was required to test the website on both a desktop computer and a mobile device. Although the streaming itself wasn’t dreadful, the browsing experience was, to say the least, abysmal.

Suggestions I have for Squid TV.

I have no problems with the streaming functionality itself. However, if I remain on the page until then, that is valid. The website’s homepage and inner pages design is a complete mess. I would strongly request that the developers redesign the entire website.

Best 32 Sites Like Squid TV Sports


1. SportSurge


Sportsurge follows Squid TV on our list of alternatives for several reasons. This sports streaming website includes sections for College Football, Hockey, Motor Sports, MMA, Boxing, Professional Football, and Basketball. Even while ads may show during live streams, one of the best aspects of Sportsurge is that there are relatively few of them on the main screen.

2. Sports RAR TV

sport RARTV

This website allows users to watch football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, and cycling. This site’s homepage contains simple links to live-streaming content. So, do checkout.

3. Reddit

Reddit Streams of Soccer

You may be asking why Reddit was included in this essay. This is the case for a reason. Reddit No. 1 does not offer a sports streaming service, but it is a big community with subreddit pages where regular updates on various sporting events are made.

4. MamaHD


Mamahd is a major live sports streaming site similar to Squid TV that allows users to watch UFC, WWE, cricket, Formula 1, boxing, MotoGP, and snooker competitions. The site is absolutely free to broadcast, and its visuals are quite appealing. There are events like horse racing, gymnastics, and college basketball, among others.

This site’s downsides include a Live chat that appears to be disconnected after a period of inactivity. The broadcast abruptly terminates on occasion. However, the site has 20,000 unique visits every month, which is unquestionably indicative of its rapid growth.

5. WatchESPN

ESPN Sports

WatchESPN is the best free sports streaming site that is ad-free and undeniably advantageous to the American audience. The user interface is extremely well-organized, displaying current top match scores and distinguishing numerous categories. WatchESPN has apps for both Android and iOS, which is a further benefit.

6. Hotstar


Viewers of Star network are familiar with the name Hotstar. Hotstar has become one of the largest and most popular sports streaming applications. Although this site is not as popular in Asian countries as it is in the West, it is a fantastic resource for sports fans.

One can even view live sports without registering. For a small fee per month, you can provide a premium. Moreover, this website is a boon if you enjoy Star network channels and entertainment.

7. 6Streams


6streams has many more features than the average streaming website. Even though 6streams.XYZ is unlike other sites, it made the list due to its useful unique features. Using the appropriate portions of the website, you may choose to stream HD sports videos or any other show. Due to this, it is possible to watch NFL, UFC, boxing, MLB, MMA, and other less popular streams.

8. StrikeOut


The strikeout is another well-known online streaming site. You can use Strikeout to watch any currently-playing sporting game. Occasionally, you may face problems when attempting to access the live streaming of sports. Keep the strikeout in mind if you are searching for a Squid TV alternative. It is one of the most trustworthy sites for live sports streaming. If you want to watch sports online, you may depend on this website. It provides streaming access to over 2000 sports channels.

In addition, it allows viewers to watch the matches from their own location. This helps them overcome the geo-restriction problem. The website is user-simple.All of the videos are explicitly marked as sports-related. As a consequence, you will have no trouble locating the desired film.



The ATDHE comprises online streams. As a result, the site does not facilitate internet streaming like other sites. Therefore, it is completely lawful. When ATDHE discovers that it is linking to an illegal content, it immediately removes the link. This is why there have been no copyright problems with the website to date.

10. SportLemon


SportLemon is a web-based platform with advanced broadcasting capabilities. Unlike the best alternatives to Squid TV, which offer free streaming, it broadcasts all major sporting events and does not interrupt the viewing experience with advertisements. Additionally, users can register an account to access HD live streaming and additional services.The site’s intuitive design makes finding the sport you wish to watch simple. In addition, SportLemon provides a vast selection of sporting events that are tough to find on other websites. You can download and save matches to watch later after creating an account.

11. VIPLeague


VIPLeague is one of the best live sports streaming websites that offer a variety of sports to watch, such as football, basketball, baseball, motorsports, NASCAR, etc.This site offers sports in a variety of languages, such as Dutch, French, and Spanish, which is an important feature.

12. VIP box


VIP Box is a sports streaming website that has gained popularity in recent months, making it one of the best Squid TV alternatives. The interface of the website, which contains large icons and a well-designed layout, is, in my opinion, the most crucial part. The site is also accessible in seven distinct languages, which is a crucial feature. Therefore, language is not a problem for this site, and anyone in the world can utilize this free sports streaming site. F1, College Football, NCAAB, Badminton, AFL, and further games and matches are available. In addition, guests can enjoy Swimming, Hockey, and Gaelic games and competitions.

The use of iconography on this website is interesting, and the overall color scheme is superb. The search box was established so that users could search for specific games, obtain information about match and game times, etc.

13. Batmanstream

batman stream

Batmanstream is a well-known, free live sports streaming website that offers a variety of thrilling sporting events, including rugby, NBA, football, and NHL, among others. This site offers nearly all sports streams, including those for previously unseen events such as Poker! Batmanstream was formerly called Dracula. The website is unquestionably the best sports station on the internet. In actuality, its uptime is greater than 95%, especially during major events such as the Champions League.

The site is updated approximately every 15 minutes. You can search by competition in football, including Ligue 1, Bundesliga, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Copa Brasil, etc. Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, and Motorsports are some of the well-organized and classified divisions. Geo-restrictions are the only drawback of this site. Website developers should create mirror sites so people can access the site without a VPN.

14. NFLbite


NFLbite.com is included on our list of the finest Squid TV alternatives for live sports streaming in the event that Squid TV is unavailable. There are numerous live streams on the site for the NFL that cover a variety of sports leagues, teams, and games. This alternative to Squid TV alternatives a user-friendly UI. There are numerous sports images and a section dedicated to streaming NFL games. Due to the site’s connection to NCCA will also stream relevant videos, results, and information.

15. Stream2U


Stream2U is another excellent live sports streaming service. A variety of sports are available on this user-friendly website. It has clock capabilities, allowing you to check and adjust the time as you see fit.

16. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is an incredible platform for watching a wide variety of sports. Even though there are just a few official streams available, you can stream sports for others to enjoy using your account.You should be aware if you are a baseball enthusiast, the site will only broadcast one MLB game per week. When you sign in to the stream using your Facebook account, you will not be required to pay anything to watch the stream without advertisements.

Simply navigate to your Facebook account and click on the watch icon. Then, type “sports” into the search field to view the most recent live matches. Type the name of the game you’re looking for into the search field.

17. SportsBay


SportsBay is included in our list of the best sites like Squid TV and Squid TV alternatives to watch free sports. This well-known website offers hundreds of live streams for a variety of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, and soccer, among others.

18. CricFree


Cricfree is an additional excellent service that offers live sports streaming and top Sites Like first-row sports. This website contains a schedule with upcoming match times for the current hour, the next hour, and the weekend. The site is nicely organized, allowing users to quickly find the desired matches and games.

On this site, there is a popular instant messenger where people can discuss many topics. Almost every international sports channel is live and accessible here. This website’s best feature is that users are already notified of forthcoming advertisements and pop-up links.

19. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is another excellent website where you can watch live sports streaming online for free. This one offers a wide variety of sports, from football, soccer, golf, and tennis to rugby, boxing, ice hockey, and basketball.This website may contain a large number of advertisements, but this is the developers’ only source of revenue. Moreover, the video quality accessible on Stream2Watch greatly surpasses a few issues.

20. FirstRowSports


The website FirstRowSports is reportedly for soccer and football aficionados worldwide. But there are other sports you can participate in. People primarily utilize sites like Squid TV to watch soccer matches, however. These Squid TV alternatives require a compatible web browser in order to be utilized.

21. 720pStream


If Squid TV is unavailable, 720pStream is among the better alternatives. It has been operating for a long time and provides free streaming of sports. It provides links to high-quality streams from high-quality links. Some sports streams are in High-Definition (HD), but all are in 720p, which is an excellent quality given they are free.

22. BilaSports

Bilasport is an alternative to Squid TV that provides real-time live sports links. This website, similar to Squid TV, contains a vast sports library. It is one of the most popular sites in the Middle East for live sports streaming. This website also features numerous links to live Asian and European sports. These Squid TV alternatives are renowned for their coverage of the NBA and MotoGP. No registration or login is required to use Bilasport. Users can also view the entire site with a single click.

23. Ronaldo7


If you enjoy Ronaldo and football games, this is the site for you to watch live sports streaming online for free. This is an homage to the Portuguese national football team. This website has football videos and streams of excellent quality.

24. StreamEast


Because it has the same characteristics as NHL66, Streameast is among the greatest deals. For instance, suppose you want to watch a live game but are unable to access your computer or television.How do you feel about it? Let us tell you what to do: visit the official Streameast site to watch live games free of ads and pop-ups.

Similar to the NH66, there is no need to subscribe or sign; a single click suffices. You may watch your favorite games, events, highlights, and commentary in high-definition video with crystal-clear audio. You will not be required to pay to watch it on your devices.

25. Hesgoal


The Hesgoal is a site similar to Squid TV that allows matches to watch soccer sports and other major sporting events for free. This Squid TV alternative includes a fantastic “Sports Chat” feature that allows users to participate in interactive News. They have received over 26 million visits, and most of their visitors are British sports aficionados. Unfortunately, the website has far too many irrelevant advertisements.

26. Laola1


Laola1 is yet another free sports website still in its infancy. The website offers a variety of games without requiring registration or login. Visit the website and view the desired content. It is available for both viewers and readers on the website.

It offers readers News as well as the ability to watch live sports streaming online for free, similar to Squid TV.



Despite the fact that USTVGO is not known for its sports programming, this streaming site offers a large number of major sports. Since a few years ago, cord-cutters have enjoyed the USTVGO website, which includes News, Sports, Entertainment, Kids, and additional sections.

28. CrackStreams


Crackstreams is a site similar to Squid TV that focuses on the live streaming of popular sports events from the NBA, NFL, MMA, UFC, MLB, WWE, and Boxing. Additionally, links to live-streaming sports, such as basketball, will be updated one day prior to the game. However, if you wish to watch Boxing or wrestling, you must watch whatever show they choose to stream.

29. BossCast


This website is for North American residents only. Bosscast is the best live sports streaming website that does not require registration. Bosscast is perfect for streaming basketball, baseball, hockey, WWE, and rugby sports. Check out this website; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

BossCast provides sports broadcasts from renowned networks such as Eurosport, NBA TV, ESPN, and TSN, among others. A curation mechanism also enables the broadcasting of games and events directly from the website. Like the Squid TV sites on our list, BossCast has a live chat where you can converse with other fans while the game is in progress. Additionally, you can alter the homepage’s timezone to match the time in your country, allowing you access to regional tournaments. However, BossCast has numerous disadvantages that may hinder your streaming experience. Multiple pop-ups and advertisements, for instance, enjoy it impossible to play the games. A notable disadvantage is that certain links open in new windows rather than the homepage.

30. FootyBite


Yes, you properly predicted based on the name. This site is quite famous since it broadcasts soccer matches from around the globe. This website’s usability is excellent, despite the presence of a few advertisements.


The popularity of Squid TV is demonstrated by its Facebook following. Try it out if you want to watch free-to-air content and other paid channels for free. Be wary of the ads.


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