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Top 10 Best Private Search Engines 2022

Today, most Private Search Engines are so widely used and well-liked that it is difficult to imagine life without them. The names Google and Bing are well-known and ubiquitous among Internet users. These search engines give you instant access to any information you want, whenever and wherever you want.

If recent statistics are to be believed, Google has a user base of almost 4 billion people worldwide. Search engines like Google and Bing, on the other hand, have developed quite a reputation for themselves in recent years due to their dubious privacy-invading practices. Many users concerned about these engines tracking their online search activities have taken offense at them.

Your search query is added to your online profile and search history when you enter it into Google. This invades your privacy while assisting Google in giving its users a more tailored experience. More information about you is released into the Internet’s big, bad world the more you use such tools.
Unbeknownst to many, there are a number of reliable Google and Bing alternatives that respect user privacy. Many search engines on the internet can be used to conduct anonymous online searches for information.

We’ll look at some of the top private search engines in this article so you can browse the web without fear. We selected the engines on this list based on their usability and ability to consistently deliver relevant search results.

List of private search engines

1. Startpage

startpage search engine

Startpage got off to a shaky start. Many people disregarded it because of how similar it was to Google. But it has since developed into one of the top alternatives to private search engines available today. It upholds the guarantee of complete user privacy. It doesn’t engage in data sharing or selling.

Third-party trackers and cookies, which are typically found on other sites, are removed. Startpage is a secure way to browse the web completely anonymously. It has a straightforward interface that you can personalize to suit your tastes. In a flash, you can change between various hues and patterns.


  • Adaptable search engine
  • No data tracking
  • Filter Bubble Missing
  • full anonymous view

Verdict: Startpage has an aesthetically pleasing interface and customizable design. It offers a highly beneficial anonymous browsing experience that does not track or share your data. You can relax knowing that no online profiles are being created based on your search queries.

Cost: Free

For unprofiled search results, best.

Website: Startpage

2. DuckDuckGo

duckduckgo search engines

One of the most well-known private search engines on this list is DuckDuckGo. If you are worried about your searches being monitored in any way, this is a great search engine to use. It has a very clean and approachable interface. There are no ads present here.

You can use the engine’s built-in browser extension to keep your online activity private. Bangs is one of its many intriguing features. DuckDuckGo allows you to instantly search for a specific query on another website by entering a prefix.


  • simple user interface with no advertisements
  • Browser add-on
  • There is no user data tracking or sharing.
  • DuckDuckGo queries can directly search on another website.

Verdict: On this list, DuckDuckGo is the secure search engine that is most commonly used. It offers users a remarkable private browsing experience. The engine is convenient and includes a browser extension that facilitates anonymous browsing.

Cost: Free

The best search without tracking.

Website: DuckDuckGo

3. searX

searx search engine

SearX is still a useful meta-search engine, despite not being as fluid as the first two engines on this list. It functions to present the user with a decentralized perspective of the Internet. The search engine has a minimal user interface and only provides a large search bar for users to enter their queries.

The engine is more flexible to use because it also provides a number of fantastic preferences and setting options. Additionally, it is incredibly quick, giving accurate answers to your queries immediately. Additionally, you have the choice to alter this search engine so that you can host it on your server as your custom search engine.


  • 100 percent user privacy
  • Reverse search
  • Open-source
  • fully adaptable

Verdict: The open-source proxy search engine searX is effective at providing users who prefer to browse anonymously a private browsing experience. It is so high on this list because it can be customized to be used as a person’s private engine.

Cost: Free

Best for browsing the Internet independently.

Website: searX

4. Qwant

qwant search engine

Qwant is a search engine that fully prioritizes privacy and takes pride in not keeping track of its users’ search queries or selling their personal information to advertisers. The search engine, which has French roots, boasts a clean user interface.

The engine categorizes your results into three main groups: news, social, and web. Additionally, it uses AI to offer its users access to a music section created specifically to assist music lovers in finding new songs and lyrics.

You can present a section devoted to current trends by scrolling down from its search bar. You have instant access to the most recent world news here. Additionally, a section called Qwant Junior is devoted to serving children.


  • Search without tracking
  • Dedicated sections for children and music
  • Automatic categorization of search results
  • Simple and clean UI

Verdict: Qwant is helped in providing a natural search experience by AI that streamlines the process by grouping search results into different categories. It prohibits tracking, allowing you to browse the Internet anonymously and safely.

prize: free

Best for put privacy before search.

Website: Qwant

5. Swiss cows

swiss cows search engine

Users can access an anonymous search engine on Swisscows, which is made with families in mind. The engine is based in Switzerland and operates exclusively on local servers, not using the cloud.

It easily becomes your default browser page and integrates perfectly with your browser. Your data is not sold to advertisers or tracked by the search engine. Additionally, it filters out all pornographic and sexual content, making it the perfect family search engine.


  • No data tracking or sharing
  • only family-friendly material
  • Integrates seamlessly with the browser
  • Set preferences for various regions and languages.

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Verdict: Despite not having the best user interface, Swisscows is still a reliable search engine that safeguards your online privacy. You can customize your language and location preferences for web searches. We suggest this search engine for families who don’t want their kids to access objectionable online content.

Cost: Free

Best for a secure, enjoyable search experience for families.

Website: Swisscows

6. MetaGer


Despite having a similar service to Swisscows, MetaGer is the exact opposite. Both of these search engines place a high value on user privacy. While Swisscows restricts access to some offensive content, MetaGer takes great pleasure in offering an openly uncensored search engine. You can set MetaGer as your default engine and it comes with a browser extension.

With MetaGer, you can search for anything and instantly access it. As a non-profit, they have nothing to gain by selling your personal information. It offers unfiltered, impartial search results and doesn’t consider click-through rates. You can access maps and plan your routes using MetaGer without revealing your location.


  • Unfiltered, unbiased search engine
  • A browser add-on is accessible
  • No location tracking required when using maps.
  • Open-source

Verdict:, MetaGer strongly opposes all forms of censorship and supports users who share the same way. It instantly returns diverse, unfiltered results for your search queries. It integrates seamlessly with your browser, making it simple to set it as your default search engine.

prize: free 

The best search engine without censorship.

Website: MetaGer

7. Mojeek


On this list, Mojeek is the only other search engine. Because it values user privacy, it does not track or share user data. It does, however, set itself apart in a significant way. It organizes the search preferences of its users. The three main categories of search results are web, images, and news. The fourth category is what distinguishes this engine.

You can use it to filter your search results based on your feelings. You can start a search by selecting an icon that represents a different emotion. Based on these icons, you can look for results that emphasize laughter, sadness, anger, love, and amazement.


  • Private search
  • Sort search results by images, web, and news
  • Search categories based on 5 emotions
  • Establish unique preferences

Verdict: Just for its new emotion-based search classification, which is currently in demo mode, Mojeek is worth a try. Other than that, it is a typical private search engine that enables users to browse the Internet invisibly.

priz: Free

Optimal for category-based searches.

Website: Mojeek

8. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search

Between users and search engines like DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing, Disconnect Search serves as a conduit. Obtaining search results from external search engines and presenting them more securely offers a secure search experience.

So that added layer of anonymity allows you to browse the Internet safely. Your data is not tracked, and it is not shared with advertisers. The engine is also very simple, lacking pointless filters or configuration options.

A browser extension included with Disconnect Search enables you to block tracking sites and speed up page loading.


  • Anonymized search results
  • An intermediary for search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo
  • Browser add-on
  • speed up page loads

Verdict: Disconnect Search is a proxy search engine that redirects search results from sites such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo while adding an extra layer of anonymity. In an effort to safeguard your privacy, it blocks sites that track your data, speeds up page loading, and enables you to view advertising requests beforehand.

Cost: Free

For a meta-search engine, best.

Website: Disconnect Search

 9. Ecosia


In addition to being a private alternative to search engines, Ecosia positions itself as a green alternative. Many people are unaware that frequent use of search engines can result in higher CO2 emissions. Ecosia offers a private search engine powered by Bing and donates the money it makes to plant trees.

Beyond this original premise, it excels as a strong anonymous search engine. Your information is not tracked or shared by it. Additionally, it doesn’t track your search queries to create a user profile.

The engine is also available as a mobile app and browser extension, which similarly maintain user privacy.


  • An environmental search engine
    incorporates Chrome
  • There is a mobile application available.
  • No data tracking or sharing

Verdict: Ecosia approaches the idea of a search engine in an ethical manner.

Environmentalists and others who share the same values as this search engine will be drawn to it. Aside from this, the engine functions as a respectable, user-easy private search engine.

priz: Free

Best private search engine for the environment.

Website: Ecosia

10. WolframAlpha


Few search engines are as distinctive as WolframAlpha. This private search engine prioritizes academic search queries over all others. Students and eager learners can come here to find the right results to their queries about mathematics, science, culture, or society.

The search criterion is classified into four main categories, and each is further divided. Queries in the fields of mathematics, science and technology, society and culture, and daily life can all be calculated by the search engine.

To find results related to an image, you can also upload images. It includes a mobile app with customizable preferences and a browser extension.


  • Create sophisticated academic search queries
  • Customizable search settings and preferences
  • There is a mobile application available.
  • upload photos

Verdict: WolframAlpha is a fantastic private search engine for learners of all ages.

It can easily resolve cultural queries and expertly answer complex equations. You can also start a search by uploading an image, in addition. It is easy to use as a desktop web page and a mobile app.

Free, $4.75 yearly Pro Plan, and $7.99 yearly Pro Premium Plan

Search engine for academia best.

Website: WolframAlpha

Questions and Answers

Are user data from private search engines used?

Answer: Private search engines only use the data they collect from users to deliver relevant search results. They don’t track your online movements like Google or Bing do.

What types of private search engines exist?

There are primarily two types of private search engines.

There are two types of search engines: the first, referred to as meta-search or proxy search engines, behave like real search engines by crawling various websites and mining data to provide users with the answers they need. These search engines serve as a conduit between users and search engines like Google.

Is it okay to use private search engines?

Reply: Yes! Using private search engines like Startpage or DuckDuckGo is safe and allowed in the US. However, in some nations their use is prohibited.

What’s the big deal about Google tracking user data, question?

The tracking of user data aids the user-convenient services offered by Google. Some might counter that this comes at the expense of intrusiveness, which is sometimes hard to understand.

For instance, Google data tracking may expose your search history through personalized advertising. While using your system in public, you might also be subjected to intrusive pop-ups and embarrassing advertisements.

Is it safe to use Google while your browser is in incognito mode?

Not necessarily, given that Google will use your data and track your online activity regardless. Using a VPN is the only way to browse safely on Google.


The demand for privacy is at an all-time high at a time when data breaches have ruined lives and destroyed businesses. Internet is a gift that could instantly become a curse if malicious users online gain access to your browsing history. We must use other search engines that value their users’ privacy because well-known search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo fall short in this regard.

All of the tools mentioned above accomplish this while being user-easy and providing relevant search results. You can browse in privacy knowing that your search engine is not logging or tracking your search terms.

As for our suggestion, use DuckDuckGo if you’re looking for a search engine that has already attracted a sizable following of devoted users. Startpage is recommended for a more customized user experience with the benefit of private web browsing.


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