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33 Best MangaSusu Alternatives Online in 2022

There are many great websites to read manga online, but MangaSusu is among the best. MangaSusu is among the best websites to read manga on the internet. However, it is currently unavailable due to technical issues. I devoured comic books as a kid. I attribute some of my evolution into a secular humanist who distrusts authority and regards nothing as sacred to my time helped reading Manga Susu.

Mangas are Japanese comics and graphic novels that appeal to readers of all ages. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that the comic’s unique themes and characters span multiple genres, including action, adventure, humour, horror, romance, and sex. As a reason, reading manga is a great way to unwind. Since reading manga is beneficial to our psyches, good online manga reading sites like MangaSusu have emerged.

What is MangaSusu?

Those who are interested in reading manga but don’t have hours to devote to it now have a solution in MangaSusu. The MangaSusu website features a wide lot of manga series, genres, and styles. The internet isn’t required to read manga, and there are many other ways to do so. To give you a taste of the quality and style of the manga people offer, Manga Susu also offers a large number of free manga samples.


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Here Are the 33 Best Free Alternatives to Mangasusu

Sites similar to Mangasusu where you can read manga online without paying a subscription fee.

1. MangaUpdates


You can read unlimited Manga with high-quality images for free at Mangaupdates.com, a Japanese Manga portal. A group of manga fans designed the website’s one-of-a-kind UI, and it features all the necessary tools to serve as a full-fledged manga platform. As a bonus, Manga Updates is also a social networking platform where readers can discuss their favourite manga and interact with others who share their interests. Similar Manga Data Can Be Found on Alternatives to MangaSusu.

Like MangaSusu, this website allows users to find an infinite supply of Manga, read it, and share it with others from anywhere they have an internet connection. You can share your thoughts and get immediate feedback using a special feature. One of the best features of this service, though, is that it lets you talk to other people, exchange messages, and do a lot more besides.

Anyone interested in manga updates must provide an email address and name. You will have full access to everything it has to offer once you have checked in. Among its many useful features are a powerful search ability, online categories to create, a mobile app, survey creation and distribution capabilities, a forum, and more.

2. MangaPanda


MangaSusu and MangaPanda are the most similar of each other. We guarantee that if you adore MangaSusu for its aesthetic value, you will adore MangaPanda for the same reason. Once you enter into the MangaPanda website, you’ll have instant access to thousands of professional manga comics. You can access this via MangaSusu, as well as via mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

A wide variety of comics from many genres, such as adventure, action, mystery, love, and thriller, may be available. Additionally, its online analysis facility is very similar to that of MangaSusu. To top it all off, the website has a “Surprise Me” feature that comes in handy when browsing through the many manga comics available. Depending on how much you’ve enjoyed reading manga in the past, this toggle will choose one at random for you to read. It’s something that has proven to be very invigorating for us.

3. MangaDoom


Good to the other websites discussed here, MangaDoom offers users to download a wide variety of manga comics. All of the manga available on MangaDoom can be read for nothing. MangaDoom’s design is simple, with just a few main sections (like “Popular Updates,” “Popular Manga,” “Genres,” and “Comments”) that cover the website’s most important functionality.

One of the unique features available to MangaDoom users is a built-in access feature. If you’re looking for a way to connect with other manga fans for the purpose of discussing the manga you’re reading, this is a good option to discuss.

4. AnimeTown


Manga fans from all over the world flock to this popular alternative to Reddit’s MangaSusu because of its wide collection of comics. Itfeatures totally free to use, and its sleek, excellent-quality user interface seems to be a big plus. Categories and an alphabetical comics filter are available on the portal’s home page.

Due to the lack of a discussion board, the comment section will communicate as your primary means of interacting with other readers of the manga. Alternatively, users to MangaTown need not register up to read the comics. Start reading in the language of your choice by clicking on the banner above. There is no better place than this to read Manga than on MangaSusu biz.

5. MangaHere


Your insatiable hunger for manga can finally be slaked by our ever-growing collection of over 10,000 volumes. Due to the large number of DMCA takedown requests received by the popular site, the LINK address is frequently changed. While Japanese mangas make up the bulk of this scanned collection, there is also substantial representation from other regions and genres (such as Koren Manga, Hong Kong Manga, European Manga, and so on). The MangaHere website is very well put together and excellent to use.

Multiple categories and subgenres define each and every manga collection. As well as providing access to checked manga, it offers a Manga Looter section and news articles. To keep dedicated manga readers abreast of what’s new in the MangaSusu world and what’s to come. Other alternatives, such as MangaSusu Alternatives, are also available to you.

6. Manga Reborn


Bringing together manga fans from all over the world, Manga Reborn is a massive online community for sharing manga comics in a safe and legal environment. You will need to sign up for Manga Reborn in order to read any manga on the site. Both the Information page and the Online forum page are included, which are indispensable resources for any manga fan. Here, you can connect with a large community of manga fans and get the latest updates on the manga industry. A top substitute for MangaSusu can be found here as well.

The site has an acceptable style and an eye-catching white and maroon colour scheme. Besides English, German, and Italian speakers can enjoy manga on Manga Reborn. You can talk to other players to communicate out their real names or information about their characters. While it may still be in its infancy, the website is gaining traction among its intended audience.

7. MangaReader


In terms of visual similarities, the similar MangaReader is another manga scanlation website that looks a lot like MangaSusu bid. Also, there offers a tonne of English manga comics to read, and the interface is reminiscent of the good ol’ days. There features even a “Shock Me” option for a completely at-random assortment of manga comics. However, it runs without a hitch on desktop computers and tablets but falls short when accessed via mobile devices.

Even Manga, which is a Japanese comic reading, is very similar to read. Whether or not readers are familiar with MangaSusu, they can rest assured that the scans of manga comics available on the site are of the highest quality and sign legible print. Moreover, an addition was penned. There’s also an alphabetical listing so you can look for manga by author’s first letter or last name.

8. Comixology


Over one hundred thousand comics are for sale on Comixology, a cloud-based digital comics distribution system. Apps for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows are also included. Since its inception in 2007, the website has served millions of users. In 2014, Comixology was purchased by e-commerce giant Amazon.com, which also serves as the service’s current operator.

The manga comics on Comixology are just the beginning. However, it sells a wide type of comic books from a variety of countries. The website’s user interface features quite luxurious. But if you’re hoping to score some free stuff, you’ll be sorely good. Comixology’s online comics are free for purchase. You can’t start munching without it.

9. MangaTown


For this consequence, the title is very work appropriate. If you’re fed up with the dated style of other manga scalation websites, MangaTown is a fantastic alternative. It’s been given a brand-new look and a clean, uncluttered layout. Its user interface is guaranteed to blow your mind. Read up on some of the best MangaSusu alternatives, too.

The homepage of the MangaTown website features nearly all of the manga categories a manga reader could want, including Hot Manga Launch, Featured Manga Release, and New Manga Launch. It’s a one-of-a-kind manga directory that lets you search for manga comics in a variety of ways, including alphabetically, visually, by score, and in terms of when they were added. There is no better place than this to read Manga than on MangaSusu.

10. MangaFreak


The number of comics available in Manga Freak’s archive is impressive. Unlike many other websites, Manga Freak is updated more frequently than once a month. This manga website is trustworthy when it comes to providing recently published content. There is no cost to access the articles and other materials posted on this site. The most annoying aspect of this website is that you are constantly being redirected to a fake or advertising page that you have to manually close and restart.

Its interface, on the other hand, is much more visually appealing thanks to its dark theme. To the right of the screen, you’ll find a tracking box that will make it easy to locate and read your top Manga at your convenience. Without a doubt, one of the most well-known manga websites we came across is Manga Freak. A trial of Manga Freak will clear your mind of doubt and help you make a decision from among the many options.

11. MyReadingManga


Here at MyReadingManga.info, you’ll find a wide variety of homoerotic manga comics to keep you entertained. The Yaoi and Bara types of homoerotics are the most common. Yaoi is a female-drawn manga, while Bara is the work of a male artist. Aside from a few subtle distinctions, the most noticeable difference between these mangas is in the depiction of the characters.

The speed and ease with which this manga website can be navigated are its main selling points. The subject matter is gloomy, and the range of artworks on display is impressive. The tags can be confusing if you’re not familiar with anime lingo, even if the text has been translated into English.

12. KissManga


With over 100,000 manga comics, you can’t hide from the internet here. You can read tonnes of high-quality scans of all the popular and rare manga comics on KissManga. These manga comics provide the best Manga story experience possible by updating with new chapters as soon as they are officially released.

In addition to being notified of new chapters, you will also have access to a complete list of manga. Those who read manga avidly and want to talk about it can do so with other readers or create their own section of the website. KissManga also welcomes your comments and questions.

13. MangaFox


A great MangaSusu alternative that may quickly satisfy your manga reading craving is MangaFox. The popularity of MangaFox has spawned numerous fake MangaFox websites, the most well-known of which is Mangafox.online, which appears near the top of Google search results. Now, the fake one isn’t that great, but its solution is mediocre at best.

This original MangaFox we’re talking about is now run by fanfox.net. Initially, MangaFox appeared in orange, white, and black. As a result of how quickly it updates, you can read the latest manga of the manga the very day it comes out. The user interface is uncluttered and simple, and the app includes zooming options to make reading manga less of a chore. It also features an app that greatly improves the quality of reading manga on a mobile device. However, the app is not widely accessible through official app stores like Google Play or the Apple App Store.

14. MangaGo


To compete with Mangastream, a new service called MangaGo has emerged. But it does let you read the final chapters of a manga series without worrying about when they’ll be released. If you want to jump right into reading any well-known Manga comic, you can do so by clicking the Completed Manga sign in the top menu bar. The Directory and All Genre websites also host thousands of free Manga comics.

You can learn everything you need to know about a manga comic before deciding whether or not to read it by visiting its page, including the number of volumes, the names of its authors, the number of chapters, the languages in which it is published, and the genre it belongs to. There is no better place than this to read Manga than on MangaSusu step mother friend.

15. Mangakisa


To quote their website, “Manga kisa is a free online manga reader that is fully sponsored by user donations and has no advertising.” The website also boasts a great design and a notably faster load time. It offers not just web websites but also software. These MangaSusu alternatives will be free because they won’t cost you a dime. It’s a user-created, ad-free manga viewer for the web that eliminates commercial interruptions while reading Manga.

In addition, there are more than a thousand manga series, each with its own storyline and cast of characters. The website’s adaptability to mobile use is excellent notch, and Mangakisa is no exception. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a site to read manga besides MangaSusu.

16. TenManga

ten manga

If you hadn’t stumbled upon TenManga, you might have missed out on some excellent opportunities. This is because, unlike the other websites on this list of MangaSusu apk alternatives, TenManga is only a few years old. Do not be deceived by the fact that this is a brand-new website. There’s also a large database of content there, organised into 55+ categories.

You can also find for a specific manga on TenManga by entering the first letter of the title or a shortened version of the title. It makes finding new manga comics much easier. It has a good, if uninspiring, site, and it features the latest manga updates. The “Finished” section will undoubtedly come in handy if you’re looking for manga that has been totally accessible until the end.

17. AniChart


AniChart is a website that informs visitors of the latest airings and completions of anime television shows and films. Users can search up details about upcoming anime shows and films, keep up with website, and share what they learn with others.

The website provides visitors with a synopsis of the performance and background information on the play’s aesthetic. In addition, there is a seasonal archive feature that allows users to catch up on past seasons’ worth of programming regardless of the time of year. It also has its own website where you can learn more about it and see when and where it will be performed.

18. MangaDex


There are many different editions of each manga included in MangaDex, making it a comprehensive resource for manga fans. Alterations include the coloured version, various fan-fiction conclusions, and the official crossover manga collection. In addition to English, MangaDex supports over 20 additional languages. Thereoffers a whole section of the city dedicated to manga fans.

On MangaDex, you can select from pre-existing categories or create your own to categorise manga in the way that best suits you. Guests can talk shop about anything manga-related in the center’s dedicated discussion forum. The interface is mediocre at best and frustrating at worst. The website is beautifully designed and fits the brand perfectly. This site’s design may not appeal to those who seek a more contemporary look and feel. In the grand scheme of things, though, the damage isn’t that bad.

19. MangaEden


Unless you don’t mind the website’s dated appearance, we wouldn’t suggest MangaEden. Since no cover manga is provided, the webpage’s aesthetic is the lowest rated. If you’re using a desktop computer to access the website, however, the cover art for each manga will appear when you move the mouse pointer over the title.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, MangaEden also features user-simple navigation and support for two additional languages: English and Italian. Dragon Ball Super and One Punch Male are the most widely read and frequently updated mangas on the site, respectively. Instead, it offers one of the greatest manga reading experiences around. Even so, it would be ideal if MangaEden allowed for reading to be resumed from where it was left off.

20. MangaOwl


Popular among manga fans thanks to its solution of providing WSJ sequence episodes before the official premiere, the MangaOwl is among the best MangaSusu alternatives you can use. The website’s white and orange design makes it very easy to navigate. It has a massive manga database that is so well-managed and organised that finding and reviewing manga is a breeze.

A separate section is devoted to the theme’s style, and it features a whopping fifty-two different alternatives, from the minimalist Motion to the bold Yuri. You can always find great manga with the help of its customer ratings out of 10, as well as the number of views each manga has received. Moreover, MangaOwl is divided into many distinct areas that will keep you glued to the site: the Have to Read Section, the New Release Section, the Latest Update Section, the Majority of Popular Manga Area, and so on.

21. MangaPark


Browsing the many categories on the MangaPark website is like taking a stroll through a park full of manga comics. To read your favourite manga, just go to MangaPark and enter the title. If you’re stuck for reading material, head over to the Mangapark website and read the Popular Manga Updates section to check out what’s new. The website’s navigation bar and information box are both simple to use. You should research the manga magazine’s status, popularity, ratings, author, artist, genre, and status before diving in. It’s a fantastic Manga Susu replacement.

22. Mangakakalot


If you’re new to MangaSusu Alternatives or just getting started with Manga comics, you should check out Mangakakalot. The responsiveness of the interface to your input, however, will blow your mind. Well, mangakakalot is a clear and uncluttered interface, making it a straightforward method for discovering and reading your favourite Manga. As a result, you can get reviews and background on the series’ overarching story by reading the comments below each manga series. In other words, it’s the best site to go if you want to read something similar to MangaSusu silent.

23. Viz Manga

Viz Media

Among the most popular Manga websites in the US, Viz Manga Media is especially well-known for its extensive animation archive. Since its inception in July 1986, the site has been catering to the weebs. The site’s age rating system enables users avoid reading material that is inappropriate for them. The company has hundreds of manga and anime titles and recently launched an app for the same reason. In addition to being the largest graphic novel publisher in the United States, the company controls 23% of the anime market.

24. OneManga


If you’re looking for a reliable source to read complete chapters of your favourite or most recent Manga, look no further than One Manga, an alternative to MangaSusu secret class. Among its many useful features, the platform allows users to read Manga in any of the languages supported by Replacement for MangaSusu, select any chapter to read, and associate any ability of metadata fields (such as the current time and date) with individual chapters, images, or posters.

25. Otaku Smash


When it comes to manga sites, Otaku Smash is in a website of its own. In addition to Japanese manga, this MangaSusu Alternatives site also offers free digital versions of American comics published by DC and Marvel. Otaku Smash is an absolute necessity for any fan of Japanese manga or other comics. The simple control scheme in Otaku Smash will put you at ease right away. Check out the website and add it to your bookmarks for quick access in the future.

26. MyAnimeList

My Anime List

MyAnimeList (MAL) is an alternative to Manga Susu that displays available anime and manga in a list-style format so that you can find hidden gems according to your preferences. The new collection is available to anyone who signs up for an account and takes advantage of the site’s intuitive search features. Updates ensure you’ll always have access to the most recent seasons.

27. Manga Stream


Manga Stream is a simple-to-use app that offers access to free manga series. Their list is shorter than the ones that follow, but it does include some of the most famous. The site’s admin doubles as a manga translator, which is worth noting.

28. Manga Rock


Every manga fan’s wildest dreams have come true with the release of Manga Rock. It’s stocked to the gills with every major manga title you could ever want, so you can read it with complete peace of mind. The manga in their collection is regularly updated, so there’s always something new to read.

29. Mental Manga

Mental Manga

You can find other manga fans from all over the world on Mental Manga. You can find an almost endless supply of top-notch anime here, including some obscure but excellent collections. Also You can read your favourite manga series on any device thanks to the Mental Manga website’s cross-platform compatibility. Check them out right now if you’re interested.

30. MangaPlus


The sheer volume of comics available makes Manga Plus one of the top free Manga Susu alternatives. You can find through new and classic comics alike. The user interface is well designed, and the website is quick to load. The theatre is perfect for watching Dragon Ball Super and Naruto. Visiting here even once would be useful.

31. Manganelo


The Manganelo website is a great resource for fans of the manga genre to share and read online comics. The Manga can be viewed on the simple website layout without requiring users to register up. For everyone else, Manganelo is totally free. The site is a great replacement for MangaSusu.

32. Bato.to


Bato needs your help. A good, free manga site was closed by Panda. You won’t want to shop anywhere else once you’ve tried their products and seen how frequently the website is updated. What else is there to ask for? Both in number and freedom, they are abundant.

33. ZingBox


ZingBox is also one of the best manga websites on the web, so be top to check it out. The site has a wide variety of manga series, making it one of the best MangaSusu alternatives. If you love manga, you will love this website. The website is easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. Do yourself a favour and check reading your favourite Manga right away by checking out the ZingBox.


Reading is like travelling to another planet. But I promise you, if you check out a mangaSusu, you won’t be let down. Don’t doubt me. It’s top-notch. The miracle of manga’s existence occurred aeons ago in this world.

You are driven primarily by your personal experiences. In the flow of manga, the experience is captured. You’ll identify with the protagonist and secondary characters if you’ve recently experienced a low point in your life. They serve as a timely and necessary reminder that it was and is ultimately your responsibility to rescue yourself from a precarious situation.


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