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Kissmanga: 30 Best Alternative Sites to Kiss Manga in 2022

No one knows if or when our favourite websites will remain online. Everything and nothing can be assumed to be true when using the internet. Proof of this is the recent demise of KissManga and KissAnime; at this point, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not either will return.

Millions of otaku were displaced, leaving in search of safe havens similar to their favourite sites. Based on internet searches, we have compiled a list of 30 best KissManga alternatives so you don’t have to. Some of these are excellent replacements for the originals, and some are virtually identical. If you’re a manga and anime fan, you can find out about some great alternatives to KissAnime so you can keep enjoying the shows you love.

What is KissManga?

KissManga was a sister site to KissAnime that offered the best manga collection available.  KissManga under maintenance fixYou could find both classic and contemporary manga in its database. As a result, KissManga adult in became one of the most visited manga websites in the world.

Otakus all over the world now have a more convenient way to get their hands on the newest manga chapters thanks to the launch of KissManga my hero academia. In addition to reading on their mobile devices, users can also select between a light and dark reading mode on the site. Because of its interface-friendly design and wide range of age-simple categories, 1KissManga was able to attract readers of all ages.

Users could easily transition from reading to watching thanks to KissManga’s integration with KissAnime. Of course, there was still malware to pay, but that was to be expected as the price of access to free, high-quality content at no cost. You, the reader, can do the same option by checking out some free malware removal tools.

Similarly instantaneously, the promised neverland kissmanga allowed users to bookmark and recommend manga to their friends. Facebook and email are just two examples of other platforms where you could do this.

Categories of Manga Currently Available

KissManga had many different types of categories. Although Shounen and Shojo manga were the most popular genres, there was still place for Josei and Seinen fans. For those who are unaware, the latter pair is aimed at those between the people of 12 and 18, while the former are aimed at those between the people of 18 and 40.

Kodomomuke/Kodomo was a series available on KissManga that was aimed at a younger audience. It’s recommended that children under the age of ten read these books. On the other hand, anyone familiar with Japanese culture will know that not everything fits neatly into a genre. The site also features “alternative” reading material in the form of manga.

Even people who don’t know what genres they like to read will be able to find the most popular and well-liked manga on the front page. These can be works of horror, science fiction, fantasy, or any combination thereof. KissManga was a treasure trove of content for otakus of all ages and locations. Because of this, it became abundantly clear that people required alternatives other than KissManga after the shutdown.

This Shutdown

It wasn’t the first time there had been talk of KissManga stealing content. The site has made money off of its manga collection despite making no legitimate claim to them. There is a lot of pirated content on KissManga because it has millions of users. KissManga and KissAnime were helpful in that they allowed people to access the sites they were interested in, but they posed a threat to Japanese society as a whole.

While details surrounding their closure remain sketchy, common speculation points to a law finally established in Japan as the cause of their demise. These websites were shut down because of repeated copyright violations.

In spite of this, many people were left wondering where they could access the most recent episodes of their favourite anime and manga.

30 Best Alternatives to KissManga Where You Can Easily Read Manga Online without Paying a free Penny

Trying to find sites to KissManga so you can get your family to start watching content online with you when you can’t all get together? If you’re looking for an alternative to KissManga, here are a few of the best sites!

1. MangaReborn


Many people like MangaReborn because it’s a lot of fun and an alternative to KissManga apk. Site visitors who KissManga appreciate a good read will appreciate the site’s simplicity while also finding some useful information there. The design of this website’s interface is easy and uncomplicated. You can read the latest manga news in the site’s news section. At some point, sign-up might be necessary. The site is free to use, has no intrusive advertisements, and works on any platform.

2. MangaKakalot


Another alternative to KissManga is MangaKakalot. It’s a regular website that doesn’t try to do anything too simple. You can find a good variety of comics on the site. You can use it to search for the specific manga your quire after. The interface of this website makes it suitable for even young children. The functionality of this website is flawless. It’s free, works on any platform, and is universally accessible.

3. Manganelo 

As was mentioned before, Kiss Manga is very similar to Manganelo. The site offers a wide selection of books for your reading pleasure and categorises them by genre for ease of use. Updates are made frequently to Manganelo’s comic book collection. The interface is very similar to MangaKakalot, making it straightforward to use. The website does not feature any advertisements. Thus, there is no interference. It works on a wide variety of platforms.

4. Mangainn


If you are new to manga and don’t know where to begin, Mangainn is the best place to look. This best Kiss Manga alternative has a simple website interface, but you’ll still enjoy reading on it. Ad-free browsing is my favourite aspect of this site. You can read for hours at a time reading. You won’t find a better place to read manga than at this shop, and you won’t be disappointed in the quality or collection.

5. ComicWalker


If you’re looking for an alternative to Kiss Manga, ComicWalker has you covered by compiling all the best manga comics in one popular location. You can quickly narrow your search for comics on the website with filters like author, publisher, and more, and the database contains more than 200 different manga genres. In addition, there are three language languages for website visitors to choose from. There are a plethora of devices to use a Comic walker. My hero academia kissmanga.

6. Manga Effects


Those looking for a high-quality, cost-free manga website should check out Manga Effects. It’s a popular selection of must-disappoint manga from all the genre’s biggest names. When you first visit Manga Effects, you’ll be presented with a list of the genres that have consistently been the most popular and the most popular manga of the week. We appreciate that each manga upload has a timestamp showing when it was last updated.

7. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is an online resource for fans of manga to read and watch their preferred animation series. The site features a modest but consistently updated manga collection. The site’s search bar should help you find the information you require. The interface is straightforward to navigate. There’s no cost to access the material on the website. The site can be accessed from any device and does not use intrusive pop-up platforms.

8. MangaFox


MangaFox is a great alternative to KissManga. If you like KissManga comics, this will fulfil that craving. Unfortunately, due to MangaFox’s success, multiple fake websites are now on the site. The first colours used in the MangaFox interface were Orange, black, and white. Fanfox.net has provided that service. This comic website is fantastic for reading because of its user-friendliness and the adaptive zoom option. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store download the official app.

9. MangaPlus


One of the best free alternatives to KissManga, Manga Plus has the largest number of comics. Here you can find both brand recent and old comic comics. Exciting and quick to use, this website does not disappoint. Dragon Ball Super and Naruto fans should go there. If you could make it here even once, that would be helpful if KissManga down?

10. MangaOwl


If you’re looking for an alternative to KissManga, MangaOwl is a good pick. It has a comprehensive database of manga comics covering every major series. The constant updating of this site ensures your information on the most recent chapters. You can use MangaOwl to search for any manga you like.

The interface of the site makes it simple to navigate. You can join the community discussion and share your knowledge with other readers. To make a pleasant experience, the site does not display any advertisements. The site is accessible on any platform and doesn’t pay a thing to visit.

11. MangaKisa


Mangakisa is a free, ad-free alternative to KissManga for reading manga online. That you may read on your manga reading without their interference. The advent of crowdfunding has made this a realistic goal. Every day, you can access a wide variety of high definition manga on this site.

Mangakisa is among the best manga platforms because of its many additional features, interfaces, and services. Mangakisa goes beyond being a site to read the manga. Plus, you can use it to watch your favourite anime series.

12. MangaEden


When looking for an alternative to KissManga, MangaEden is a close second. Itoffers a great website for manga readers, but it only has a few genres to choose from. The collection is routinely updated to always contain the most recent materials.

The user interface is uncomplicated and easy to grasp. It’s free to browse the site, but there are services you can only access if you register. You can use it on any device you like and free of distracting ads.

13. Comixology


If you’re looking for a cloud-based alternative to KissManga, consider Comixology. Over a hundred thousand comics are included. The app is available for download on a variety of platforms, including Android phones, Kindles, iOS devices, and Windows PCs.

The website has been around since 2007; in 2014, Amazon.com bought it. Amazon now runs the Comixology website. Comics from all over the world, such as China, the United States, and Korea, are available on the website. While the site’s aesthetics are top-notch, the content it provides is not.

14. MangaStream.today


MangaStream.today is a good alternative to KissManga because it is very similar to that website. As a result, you can get the newest manga in one convenient spot. All of the content on the site has been neatly organised into genres such as romance, science fiction, comedy, fantasy, horror, and many more.

You can create a bookmark for your preferred manga on the website, making it easier to locate on future visits. The user interface is straightforward. The use of this site costs nothing and requires no registration. It can be accessed from any device. The constant presence of advertisements is the only drawback.

15. MangaReader


If you’re reading for an option to read your favourite manga, you can also use MangaReader. When compared to KissManga, MnagaReader looks very similar. It has a typical collection of manga comics that are regularly refreshed. You can also use it to watch all your favourite anime series. The site interface is similar to KissManga because the sites are so similar.

The site is not kid-friendly because it contains explicit material. The website might be annoying because of the constant pop-up adverts. Thereoffers an app you can get from the Play Store if you use Android to access the site. Many different operating platforms variety MangaReader.

16. Mangago


The best option is mangago. The site’s beta number has many features. Popular manga like Naruto, Astro Boy, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z are all included in the site’s extensive database. People of all ages will find something of interest on this site, so don’t disappoint to check it out.

The user interface is clear and simple. Therefeatures a feed section here where you can get the latest site. A area of the website is available for you to post your questions. There is no annoying pop-up advertising, and it can be accessed from any platform. It is strongly suggested.

17. MangaHere


Another great option for KissManga is MangaHere. There are a lot of comics to read, and they’re all neatly organised by genre, so you can choose from stories about romance, action, comedy, the supernatural, and more. Their database is regularly updated. The design of this site is appealing.

You can use the search bar to look for specific titles, and the “Manga Spoilers & News” section will keep you apprised of the latest developments in the world of manga. The system’s interface is simple. There won’t be any annoying ads to interrupt your comic. The site is mobile- and desktop-friendly. Additionally, Android users can download a MangaHere app.

18. Honto


Since Honto has become popular amongst Japanese manga fans, we’ve included it on our list of top alternatives to KissManga. There is a tonne of volumes here, covering all sorts of popular manga genres. Finding your preferred manga comic is also a breeze on Honto thanks to its intuitive layout.

Honto offers a wide number of free manga comics to read online, but there is a severe dearth of manga titles available in languages other than English. If you’re looking for total immersion, Honto is the best manga website out there.

19. myreadingmanga


Other people run a site called MyReadingManga that is very similar to KissManga. There, you can find any comic book imaginable. You can watch or download short animated and real-world films in the video area. Every video is assigned to a specific category that can be used to find similar videos. More videos can be discovered in this way. A wide selection of manga comics is available online, including action and biography stories. Comics come in a wide variety of styles, from comedy to drama and even yaoi and other genres.

Read manga online in many different languages, including Korean, English, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, French, Thai, and Spanish, on the website MyReadingManga. Also, since it is a collaborative effort, you can ask other members of the group to add the comic you want or add the missing chapters yourself. In sum, MyReadingManga is an excellent resource for manga and anime fans.

20. MangaTown 


When looking for an alternative to KissManga, one of the best alternatives is MangaTown. It is home to a sizeable manga comic collection. The website is favourite to navigate and offers access to a wide variety of manga, including your favourites in the vampire, action, romance, adventure, and many other genres. There are a number of useful features on this site, such as alerts for new releases, a list of the most popular comics, and a summary of the comics you’ve already read.

You can check the information’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more details. It features simple to navigate and has a nice interface, so it’s a great site. And it’s great for passing along comics you love to friends and family. This website does not employ the use of “pop-up” advertisements. In addition to being free, MangaTown is also accessible on a variety of platforms.

21. MangaFreak


On our list of great alternatives to KissManga, next up is MangaFreak. A large collection of manga titles have been scanned and made available. Even though it’s not as well-known as some free manga sites, it still has a lot to offer.

MangaFreak is useful because, for one thing, it lets readers pick up right where they left off. Even though it would be convenient for people who can’t sit down and read an entire manga in one sitting, not all manga websites offer this feature.

I also appreciate that, if you don’t want to be online, you can download any manga you want from MangaFreak at no cost.

22. Mangapark


You won’t believe the quantity of manga comics found on such an enjoyable and easy site. The service is a worthy alternative for KissManga. The collection features a wide variety of comic comics, some of the most popular of which are manga. Some very nice features can be found on MangaPark website.

In the settings section, you can alter the font size, choose between light and dark themes, disable mature content, save your favourite manga, set the number of features to bookmark per page, and turn the image zoom function.

The interface is both appealing and simple. None of those annoying pop-ups are present. It’s a universal platform, so you can use it wherever you like.

23. Renta


Renta is a great alternative to KissManga that we recommend. It’s a manga rental shop where you can get your hands on any manga title for a full week. If you need extra time to read a manga comic, you have the option to purchase unlimited time. The interface is simple and the design is modern, making it ideal for the web. The homepage’s feature design is also interesting because it gives readers a sneak peek at the latest manga.

The majority of the manga comics available on Renta’s website are romance manga, such as shojo, errotica, and harlequin.

24. AnimePlanet 


AnimePlanet is another favourite option for finding and reading your preferred manga comics. The site’s content, which includes a large manga library, is regularly updated. This website not only hosts your favourite anime series but also your favourite manga. The site has a simple interface that offers it easy to navigate.

You can enjoy all your favourite manga and anime without signing up. No annoying pop-up ads interrupt your reading of the free content on this website. AnimePlanet can be accessed from any platform. You need to give it a shot.

25. MangaDoom


Like the other websites we’ve mentioned in this post, MangaDoom makes a wide alternative of manga comics available for reading online. In case you were wondering, it does not cost anything to read any of the manga available on MangaDoom. MangaDoom has a simple area with just a few main sections: the latest Popular Updates, the most popular Manga, a website of genres, and a comments section.

Users of MangaDoom have access to a special chat function. It may not be very active, but it is an option if you want to contact other manga readers about the manga you are reading.

26. Bookwalker

book walker

An excellent alternative to Kiss Manga is Mangago, where you can read mangas in their original Japanese language form. There are many great features to the site in its current beta form. The site has a large collection of comics, including the best manga. You can find comics like “Astro Boy,” “Dragon Ball,” “One-Piece,” and “a lot more” in this collection. Itincludes simple to navigate, and there’s a dedicated area for posting new content like website posts or podcast episodes.

It’s possible to post questions there, too. There won’t be any annoying advertisements that pop up when you visit this site. It has quickly become the go-to alternative to mangastream, and with popular website.

27. MangaDex


For those interested in reading manga, MangaDex is a website that may help you acquire a substantial collection. The content on the site is merely adequate. MangaDex regularly updates its database, even though the fact of the content is subpar. Use it to search for the manga you want to read.

The layout of the interface is straightforward, making it simple to use. You are not bothered in any way by the adverts that pop up while you are using the site. All platforms of MangaDex can be accessed easily on any device.

28. Mangairo


You can also try looking up your favourite manga on Mangairo. The site has various manga comics, from the earliest to the most recent releases. Every day, new manga are added to Mangairo’s collection.

Manga is organised alphabetically and thematically, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can read the comics in a variety of different languages. This collection features the popular manga titles of the time.

The site has a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to navigate. You can read your favourite comics uninterrupted on Mangairo, a site that doesn’t display ads and is compatible with many devices.

29. TenManga


An acceptable alternative to KissManga is TenManga. A tonne of manga is already available, plus even more waiting to be found. Using the search bar, you can track down your favourite manga strip. The TenManga site features a massive library of comics from a wide variety of genres.

If you’re at a loss for what to read or just want to broaden your horizons, try out the “Surprise” feature on the TenManga site. The user interface on the site is straightforward. One of the benefits of this website is that you won’t be interrupted by any ads while you’re reading. It’s a great site, definitely worth checking out.

30. MangaPanda


You can replace Kiss Manga with MangaPanda. The site is simple and offers a wide selection of manga comics covering a wide variety of genres (comedy, romance, action, and so on). The content in this collection is regularly refreshed. There is also an option to watch anime and Chinese movies on the site.

MangaPanda’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive. The site works fine; however, due to the presence of explicit material and the inability to disable it, I cannot endorse it for use by minors. The website also has an accompanying app, making it accessible from almost any mobile device. The site’s fact of cost may not be worth it if you find the free barrage of advertisements annoying.

Question and questions (FAQs) about Kissmanga

What made Kissmanga so popular?

Because there were so many anime shows with English subtitles and dubbing, this was a great platform. Streaming was also free and didn’t require anyone to sign up.

Is Kissmanga Legal?

Most countries let you stream free content as long as you don’t download it. You are breaking the law if you download it.

Is Kissmanga’s website set up for mobile use?

Yes, the website worked until it was shut down in some places. Most people from T2 and T3 countries who went to this website did so with their phones. So, a number of users used it on their phones.

Is there malware on Kissmanga?

The first Kissanime wasn’t very risky. The same can’t be said for the many alternatives to Kissanime that are available on the internet right now. Always be careful about what you download and see on these alternatives.

Can RWBY be seen on kissmanga?

You should be able to on a Kissmanga site that is not Kissmanga. Most websites have a way to get to their search bars from their search results.

Do I need to register to use Kissmanga?

Kissmanga, on the other hand, is a free anime website. So if you want to see something, you won’t have to worry about registering or paying to see it. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

Can you watch videos on Kissmanga legally?

Most countries make it illegal to watch copyrighted content on any platform. Copyrighted content was put on the Kissmanga website without the owner’s permission. So, its information has been taken away.

If you find a working proxy and look at its content, you could trouble the law. Because of this, you should always use a VPN when going to these kinds of websites.


Some of the best content on the internet is on the Kissmanga picks list, which was made for anime fans. Even if Kissmanga shuts down again, you won’t lose your main source of fun. Because you’ve already found the best alternatives to Kissmanga. But when you look at all of the sites together, there are a number of recordings, movies, and TV shows. Most of them are free, but the best ones are premium and cost money because they have more highlights. And don’t have any ads, which is the best part!

Some sites on the list are real, but others are not. Which one you choose is completely up to you. We hope you find this list of Kissmanga alternatives helpful and that it fits your needs. Laughing while watching anime!


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