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Best 17 KakaoPage Alternatives and Similar Apps

KakaoPage (Korean: RR: KakaoPeiji) is a paid content platform for mobile devices created  Kakao Corp. in 2013 and is now owned its subsidiary Kakao Entertainment. [1] [2] On April 9, 2013, the service became a digital content marketplace where brands and individuals could make and share audio, video, and written content like manhwa and genre fiction. In 2018, it went on sale in Indonesia, and in 2020, it went on sale in Taiwan. [4]

South Koreans love KakaoPage’s “free if you wait” system, which lets them watch one episode of a webtoon or web novel for free if they wait a certain amount of time after reading it.


The company that ran the service at the time, Podotree Co., Ltd., which changed its name to KakaoPage Corp. in 2018, was started as a subsidiary of Kakao on July 20, 2010.

By the middle of 2013, KakaoPage was seen as a failure, but the service got better when Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and a few other popular works were added. They began their free webtoon and web fiction service on April 21, 2014. In 2014, they said they would add more than 100 webtoon series by the end of the year. [5]

Anyone can make content kakaopage english, upload it to KakaoPage, and sell it to other users directly on the platform. For every sale, 30% of the money goes to Google Play, 20% to Kakao, and 50% to the publisher. [6]

Best Alternatives of KakoaPage

The best alternatives of kakaopage listed below:

1. WebComics


WebComics 3.1.41 is a Comics app for Android develope WEBCOMICS HOLDINGS HK LIMIT. Check out 200 other alternatives like WebComics. WebComics listed in the Top 10 Apps to Read Comics. There are a lot of full-color HD comics and Manga i belong to house castiello kakaopage, as well as exclusive web comics and Manga from all kinds of genres.

2. Anime Stickers

anime stickers

Anime Stickers Stable 4.0 is a Personalization app for Android developed by Ani Addict – Anime Stickers & Anime Live Wallpaper kakaopage solo leveling. Check out 186 other alternatives besides Anime Stickers. +100000 Anime Sticker for WhatsApp and Update every day and Anime Live Wallpapers.

3. WebRead


Everybody Network made the Android app WebRead 1.0.30, a Books & Reference app. Check out 37 alternatives besides WebRead kakaopage apk. Webread is great, and you can join us to read for free at any time or place. .

4. WeComics


WeComics made the Android app WeComics, which is a Comics app i’m stanning the prince kakaopage. Check out 200 other alternatives like WeComics. The best and newest webcomics. Romance, Big Little Lies, Action, Fantasy, and History.

5. Drops


Drops 36.50 is an Education app for Android that was developed by Drops Languages. Check out 200 alternatives to Drops business proposal webtoon kakaopage. Drops: Learning Kanji and Kana and JLPT words in Japanese (katakana & hiragana).

6. iReader


HK IReader Technology Limited made the Android app iReader 10.3.5, a Books & Reference app. Check out 200 alternatives besides iReader kakaopage manhwa. Read stories about books, werewolves, and love.

7. MangaToon


MangaToon made the Android app MangaToon 2.20.03, which is a Comics app. Check out 185 other alternatives like MangaToon kakaopage korea. MangaToon  listed in the Top 10 Apps to Read Comics. I am reading Comics, Manga, and Novels on a Global App.

8. Wattpad


Wattpad 9.94.0 is a Books & Reference app for Android, and Wattpad.com developed it. Check out 200 other alternatives like Wattpad kakaopage english version apk. Wattpad has been listed in the Top 10 Apps for Reading Free Books and Top 10 Apps for Reading Free Fiction Online. Wattpad is a story-reading app where you can read stories, novels, and e-books and write your own stories.

9. Webnovel


English An app webnovel with stories and comics to help you pass the time.A huge number of exclusive comics and books Find original books like “The Supreme Magus,” “Young Master Damien’s Pet,” and “Nanomance Reborn” in our library relationship guidelines kakaopage. We also have great translate books like “Library of Heaven’s Path,” “Lord of the Mysteries,” and “Full Mark Hidden Marriage,” as well as many comics that have adapted.

10. Toomics 


Even if you’ve never read a comic, you can find everything you want to read in one place.
Toomics is the best premium webtoon service and has every genre and fantasy you can think of once again into the light kakaopage.Only titles from professionals in the music business!Look at the full-color art and stories that will blow your mind!This new addiction can’t be found anywhere else.

11. Webfic 


Webfic is a reading app with many original English stories, including urban, romance, fantasy, werewolf, classic, and so on kakaopage app english.Get it now and read it with your friends.

Get real-time suggestions of original stories based on what you like.By changing the background color, you can have a great time reading.You can save your favorite stories in the library so you can always have the latest chapter with you.

12. izneo


You can read as many Manga, Shonen, Seinen, Shojo, Webtoon, Comics, and BD as you want.

Izneo is a free application for smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and Smart TVs that lets you read manga, webtoons, BD, graphic novels, and comics kakaopage download apk. Find a list of a few thousand albums that you can buy right from the application. Enjoy a 100% digital reading experience on your devices, with no ads.

13. HiRead


Putting books and comics to use is exciting and interesting.Greetings! Here’s an app hiread that allows you to read Indonesian novels and comics kakaopage in english. In our app, you will find novels and comics that are constantly updated to provide a variety of new content that is exciting for you, wherever you are and whatever you are looking for, giving you a great time while getting to know the new content!

14. Joylada


Ookbee U Co., Ltd. made the Android app Joylada 6.15.1, a Books & Reference app. Explore 200 alternatives to Joylada kakaopage a business proposal. Here’s a novel app that works like a chat room. You’ll find exciting stories when you look.

15. MangoTV


MangoTV 6.5.10 is a Video Players & Editors app for Android. It was developed. Check out 200 other services like MangoTV kakaopage manga. Super Variety is being streamed live.

16. FunRead


Perfect Planet made the Android app FunRead 1.3.5, a Books & Reference app. Check out 52 other sites like FunRead. Seize the Surprise! is FunWead’s newest promotion. Everyone reads hot books.



NEW ANIME ID 3.0 is a Comics app for Android that was develope by ANIME.ID APP. Check out 0 other options besides ANIME ID NEW. Watch the Full Indonesian Sub and the Full Anime Channel Ongoing.


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