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40 Best iReader Alternatives and Similar Apps

IReader is a reading app that allows users read digital books on their phones, tablets, and computers. Itallows a convenient and easy way to read books on the go because users can bring their whole library with them wherever they go. iReader has a large number of books, including best-sellers, classics, and non-fiction.

It also offers you change the size and color of the text and the background, add bookmarks, and highlight and make notes on text. IReader is a great choice whether you’re a book lover looking for a new way to read your favorite books or someone who wants to try out digital reading.

40 Best iReader Alternatives and Similar Apps

Most of the alternatives to iReader are ebook readers, but they could also be ebook libraries or PDF readers. If you want a shorter list of iReader alternatives or are looking for a certain feature of iReader, you can filter by these.


1. Quick reader

Quick reader

Quick reader, a book reading app for leading smartphones, solves two major book reader issues: book reader and book availability from leading publishing houses. This app has a powerfully customizable user interface in a touch-free reading environment.

It has instant access to thousands of free books is a great feature. These books can be downloaded and stored on your smartphone. Smartphone users can customize every section of Quickreader’s interface and reading system.

It makes perfect for all book readers because users can customize font color and size. Quick reader app maximizes reading productivity, keeping with leading reading platforms, accelerating learning, staying focused, and saving time by providing things effortlessly.


2. AlReader


It is a multifunctional eBook reader for those who prefer digital books. AlReader is best iReader Alternatives for reading eBooks in all formats. This ebooks reading app’s features and functions will make you love its reading style.

It supports many formats, text-to-speech, OPDS, local libraries, international languages, and leading dictionaries for word definitions. It has correct hyphenation for twenty languages, one and two-page reading mode with automatic switching, auto-scrolling, and more.


3. Gitden Reader

Gitden Reader

This simple iReader Alternatives book reading app has many features for smartphone owners who want to read in a flow while on the go. The Gitden Reader offers the world’s top publishers’ books. Gitden Reader app offers reflowable and fixed layout reading, media overlay, support for most international languages, and more. It supports SVG, multimedia, installable fonts, and read aloud.

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One of Gitden Reader’s best things is its focus on reader privacy. It never sends reader content to its servers or other parties. Gitden Reader is the best app for reading and downloading top-publisher books.


4. Universal Book Reader

Universal Book Reader

Universal Book Reader is a smartphone app for reading eBooks. This iReader Alternatives free eBook reader lets you read any eBook format. Its fast and stylish smartphone and tablet interface is one of its many features. This simple book-reading app has many other features.

An integrated file browser lets you add any eBook from your device, email, or online book stores. This app’s fast and intuitive navigation makes page-flipping easy. The slider also makes page navigation easy. Its features and functions make Universal Book Reader the best.


5. NeoSoar eBooks

NeoSoar eBooks

NeoSoar Inc.’s eBooks PDF&ePub reader app is powerful. Easily import your favorite eBooks with this simple eBook reading app. Download books online and start reading your way.

NeoSoar eBooks PDF&ePub reader supports all eBook formats, its main benefit. This is why all bookworms love this app. Enjoy Wikipedia search with this app. It lets you select text and look it up in the dictionary, translate sentences in multi-language books, access internet resources, and more.


6. Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader, a multi-platform book reading tool for Adobe eBooks, now supports other eBook formats. This white-label service lets you read eBooks perfectly. This book reading app provides instant access to books from nearly seventy leading publishers. Top-selling books, leading authors’ books, and more are available on this app. Bluefire Reader’s best feature is that it protects books. You can also build a library to carry your favorite books.


7. iBooks


Apple’s book reader and independent book library is iBooks. Apple devices come with an advanced reader and book library. This tool helps you enjoy great stories on iOS devices. There are classics, best sellers, and chart-topping books. iBooks’ audiobook selection is unique. This app offers something new.

iBooks has a massive collection of books for all ages and reading levels, featured books, previewing books while browsing, books with different font styles, a beautiful and user-friendly book reader, bookmarking, and more.


8. Kindle Store

Kindle Store

Amazon Kindle Store provides book readers and access to millions of eBooks online. This Amazon Inc. service lets you read free and paid books on smartphones and tablets. Rent your most likely books.

This simple app lets you instantly access millions of books from your smartphone. This app is for bookworms who want to read books, magazines, and newspapers in one place. The Amazon Kindle app lets users download and read their favorite books from the Kindle Store. This app also offers thousands of free books.


9. Cool Reader

Cool Reader

Cool Reader reads ePub, PDF, HTML, text, TCR, PDB, and other books. This book reading app is free and works on most devices. Users can customize it more. They can use the bookmarking system, table of contents, text searching, pages, scrolling view, bookmark export to text files, LitRes online book store support, text to speech support, and more. It offers extensive translation support for many international languages. Cool Reader offers most of the features and functions of top eBook readers online.


10. NOOK


NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines is the best iReader Alternatives free eBook and magazine reading app for almost all smartphones. This easy-to-use eBook reader lets users search for and download books instantly.

NOOK: Read eBooks and Magazines’ eReader lets users read downloaded books. This app’s independent library has thousands of books you can access instantly. If you’re new to this book reading app or want to improve your reading skills, this app’s books can help. By browsing the list, you can read best-in-class chapters and articles.


11. PocketBook


PocketBook is a premium eBook reader with a smartphone-friendly interface. This eBook reader can read FB2, TXT, HTML, RTF, MOBI, ePub, and other online book formats. You’ll have no trouble reading your favorite eBooks on this app’s simple interface. It gives smartphone users the best options for free reading their favorite eBooks. This app’s best feature is that users can customize their reading experience by changing settings like layout, size, color, and more.


12. Mantano Ebook Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader is an innovative smartphone eBook reader and publisher. It is a free, powerful, fast, user-friendly, and highly customizable book reading app. Mantano Ebook Reader is part of Bookari, which is known for its best reading environment and compatibility with PDF, eBook, and ePub formats. This easy-to-use eBook reader works on iOS and Android smartphones.

This app supports cloud-based services for advanced bookshelves, annotation synchronization, and flexible sharing models. Mantano Ebook Reader is one of the best eBook readers for smartphones and tablets to read your favorite books anywhere.


13. eReader Prestigio

eReader Prestigio

Android text and audiobook reader eReader Prestigio is multilingual and cross-platform. This iReader Alternatives book reading app currently supports almost twenty-five languages and can read books in those languages.

eReader Prestigio is the best free book reader for the best reading experience. Explore the new ebooks reading experience with this simple app. The app is free. The eReader Prestigio app offers the most elegant collection of top-rated books and online reading.

Most books are free to read and download, but some are priced. Although the Android smartphone is built with the latest components and design updates, the app’s interface is simpler and cleaner for faster reading.


14. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books (formerly Google eBooks) offers book reading and downloading in select countries. Try this service to see if it’s available in your country. If available in your country, you can instantly access millions of books. According to independent sources, Google Play Books has one of the largest eBook collections.

Its independent library books can be read on a dedicated Google Play website, smartphone apps, and some Adobe Digital Editions-compatible e-readers. Users can upload ePub and PDF books.


15. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader

One of the top iReader Alternatives eBook reading apps, Aldiko Book Reader, lets users read books from its database as well as eBooks. Millions worldwide use this simple app. You can browse thousands of books and download your favorites to smartphones and tablets.

No PC, USB cable, or subscription is required. Since this is the case, Aldiko Book Reader is considered one of the best Android eBook reading apps. A book reader like Aldiko is a great place to find, read, and organize books, considering its features and functions. Aldiko Book Reader can browse and download thousands of books in all genres.


16. Kobo Books

Kobo Books

The best eBooks and eReading apps are Kobo Books. This award-winning book reading app offers daily deals on famous books, reviews and previews, and online book shopping discounts.

The app brought almost five million books from around the world to your pocket and fingertips. It lets you browse the world’s best books in all genres, including children’s books, and read them on your smartphone.

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Topic, title, genre, author, and other options can be used to search books. Customization lets readers read in their preferred style. Due to its many features, Kobo Books is the best reading app.


17. FBReader


Android ebook reader FBReader is free. This book reader can read any book format. This free app efficiently handles Mobi, ePub, FB2, WP, BB10, and other book formats. Due to its many multi-platform features and functions for Android users, FBReader has become popular recently.

It syncs library and reading positions with the FBReader book network and Google Drive cloud service. You can enable this synchronization at any time. FBReader is one of the fastest and most customizable book readers that reads all fonts smoothly.


18. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader for Android phones can read PDF, doc, text, and other printed files. Install this stand-alone reader on your smartphone and no longer need multiple readers to read files in specific formats. This essential Android app lets users read thousands of free books, PDFs, HTML files, OPDS files, and more.

It offers a great reading experience with real-time smooth scrolling and other innovative functions. Moon+ Reader has free and paid versions. The paid version is ad-free and has many features to manage favorite content. The free version has limited features.


19. 10,000 Free eBooks Reader


10,000 Free eBooks Reader

10000+ Free eBooks Reader is a free eBook app that offers you read, save, and share over 10,000 free books. GB Technology publishes the Android-only app. This platform’s books cover many topics, including art, photography, business, investing, adventure, and philosophy. Read and share books by category. Readers of magazines, books, and news can all benefit from it. Enjoy your favorite content without limits.

The 10000+ Free eBooks Reader app’s search box helps you find your favorite books quickly. The app also has simple interface, add to favorite, remember state for next reading, online and offline reading, completely free for everyone, weekly features with new books, and more.


20. Goodreads


Goodreads is a free iReader alternatives website and mobile app that helps you find, love, and share books. It has 75 million users and 2.2 billion books you can find, read, and share. Each category on this platform has books to read and share. If you want to share or upload a book, you must sign up with an email address, name, and other information. Reading the app’s books doesn’t require signup.

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The best fact about this software is that it offers you scan book covers to read reviews or save them in your library. Itmakes better than others because you can search, rate, and review any book in its catalog.


21. Inkitt


Inkitt – Free Noveles Inc. fiction books, novels, and stories for Android and iOS. The leading book app lets you read thousands of new fiction books for free. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror Stories, Romance, and others are among the app’s dozens of categories. Explore each one freely. It lets you add books, novels, and stores. The app aims to support aspiring authors get published. As an alternative to Goodreads, it offers all the core services with new genres like comics, fantasy, etc.


22. Gutenberg Books

Gutenberg Books

Gutenberg Books, a free Android and iOS app, has over 50,000 classic and modern books. The app contains all digitized culture e-books to create a magical and perfect reading experience. It has personalization, daily updates, and search for all readers. Gutenberg Books, like Goodreads and other apps, lets you upload and share your books for real-time feedback. Gutenberg Book’s main features are a simple interface, two themes, daily updates, genre exploration, and favorite folders. Registration is only needed to upload titles.


23. AnyBooks


AnyBooks: Free Download Full Library Offline Reader has the world’s largest book collection and daily updates to provide complete and trending content. Muses Laba created the app for daily readers. Explore its genres, sort by name, date, or author, or use its advanced search box to find and read your favorite books. This software lets you download and read its books. AnyBooks app also has a powerful genre-based recommendation system.


24. Bookmate


Bookmate: Read, Listen, and Enjoy is a freemium platform for readers who want to read new books daily. It has over 12 languages of ebooks and audiobooks, including bestsellers, business books, and classics. Bookmate is powerful and simple, unlike Goodreads and other similar apps. This expert and other books can help fans create themed bookshelves they can access without the internet.

It has better browsing and subscribing features and regular updates. It also makes based on your preferences. Bookmate’s Add-to-Favorite app offers you save your favorite books, notes, and quotes without limits.


25. Ebook Reader

Ebook Reader

eBooks.com’s Android and iOS app Ebook Reader is great. It’s an excellent ebook reader that lets you read your favorite books on the go. It lets you download a huge selection of popular books without restrictions.

The app lets you swipe or tap pages in real time. This app syncs your eBooks.com online bookshelf across devices. It differs from other ebook-reading apps by offering features like never losing your place in the book, landscape or portrait orientation, text insider search, and bookmarker online synchronization.


26. PocketBook reader

PocketBook reader

PocketBook reader – Pdf, ePub, Fb2, Mobile, and Audio is an all-in-one ebook reading app from one of the world’s leading e-reading experts. The app lets you customize the setting and theme to make reading more realistic.

It offers free, comfortable, ad-free reading. Enjoy online stuff and read your favorite books internet. PocketBook Reader supports all popular e-book formats, including PDF, FB2.zip, MOBI, TXT, and HTML.


27. Reads


Reads2020 is a one-stop shop for eBook lovers, offering a wide selection of free, offline eBooks. Read the most popular fiction book from the comprehensive library. You can easily find urban, western, historical, literary, inspirational, game lit, horror, fantasy, sagas, romance, and other fiction eBooks here.

Because of the comprehensive search engine, you can instantly type keywords into the box and get relevant results. The site’s popular eBooks section lets you read the most popular books for free.


28. Freebook


Freebook Sifter helps you find free iReader Alternatives books online. It seems like a good place to start if you’re looking for new and exciting stuff. The Free Game Index also lists free online games.

Search for fiction and nonfiction books on recent data. The site also offers many web-friendly short stories. Search for free online blogs. Search for your book using the Book Recommendation Engine or a comprehensive search engine. There’s also a book based on what you’ve read, which you can download and read offline.


29. Ryfma


Ryfma is a new iReader Alternatives innovative site where you can share any topic with like-minded people. This website is the best place to share and read books, fanfics, and poems; you can write and get paid. Authors can easily upload documents, books, and book collections here. Readers can comment and rate these works.

This platform lets you write, create, and share articles, photos, and videos with a community. Ryfma connects intellectuals through reading, writing, sharing, and intellectual conversations. The platform makes it easy to interact with people and lets creators make money.


30. MagicScroll


MagicScroll is a web reading application that gives real-word users access to rich content the best navigation and reading experience. It transforms the Internet into a beautiful, immersive, and rich environment with content you’ll love to read. Like the desktop app, your browser can use a magic scroll bar anytime.

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Start by clicking the MagicScroll extension button in your browser toolbar. The Chrome toolbar will have a small book icon after install. Click the icon to read a page into a MagicScroll book. This utility has a unique scrolling system that lets you scroll web pages without moving them, making it easier to read long articles without distraction. The MagicScroll Web Reader turns every web page into a MagicScroll book.


31. Calibre Web

Calibre Web

Calibre, an all-in-one web application, lets you read and download ebooks from the easy library. The latest tablets, smartphones, and laptops can use this web-based application. The main reason to use Calibre Web is that it makes downloading eBooks from different websites easy and saves time.

Its reader mode makes it easy to convert books into popular formats without worrying about other data. It supports ePub, Kindle, and other formats, making it easy to read. Downloading eBooks is simple; once you do, you can read them offline.


32. EBook Hunter

EBook Hunter

eBook Hunter is a great iReader Alternatives place to download thousands of free eBooks. eBook Hunter is the best eBook store because of its wide selection of categories and multilingual support. You can easily find eBooks on law, religion, teen, travel, history, mystery, literature, suspense, education, calendars, biographies, young adult, and more.

Just paste the title, ISBN, or eBook into the search engine to get relevant results. The Popular eBooks section lets you read good books for free. You can also share your eBook on social media after downloading it.


33. Niigu


Niigu, a popular torrent, lets you download music, software, apps, eBooks, and more. Its magnet link and torrent search engine lets you find files quickly. This magnet search engine lets you download music, videos, books, eBooks, and more with a click. Additionally, Niigu has been discontinued for some time.


34. Epub


Epub lets you download all your favorite ebooks in one place. If you want kindle ePub eBooks, Epub is the place. Epub has a large community, so you can choose your favorite collection and try it out. Registering gives you access to free eBooks without DRM.

Android and Apple phones, tablets, and eReaders can view all eBooks. Here you can easily find eBooks on education, calendars, biographies, young adult, Law, religion, teen, literature, suspense, and more. You can also use the online search engine to find eBooks by title or author. Find the section’s most featured eBook.


35. FantasticFiction


FantasticFiction is a great iReader Alternatives place to find and download your favorite authors’ books and eBooks. The platform gives modern people a worthwhile reading experience and exclusive fiction. Follow your favorite authors here to keep up with their latest authors. You can make a list of eBooks you want to read here.

You can easily find urban, western, historical, literary, inspirational, game lit, horror, fantasy, sagas, romance, and other fiction eBooks here. Book tracking is available. A popular eBooks section will enhance your reading experience.


36. IBookPile


IBookPile is a tempting place to find thousands of free eBooks. Because of its many categories and multilingual eBook delivery, the platform seems to be one of the best places to find eBooks. You can easily find the latest options in a separate section.

You can also search by eBook title using the online search engine. Here you can easily find eBooks on law, religion, horror, travel, history, mystery, literature, suspense, education, calendars, food & cooking, young adult, and more.


37. Bookbub


Bookbub helps eBook readers download famous authors’ eBooks and enjoy a good read. You can buy bestselling eBooks in deals. The platform is known for its low ebooks and free eBook deals.

Suppose you like mystery, literature, suspense, education, calendars, food & cooking, or eBooks about law, religion, horror, travel, and history. In that case, you can find it all here at a low cost and with little stuff. Start your day with your personalized email recommendation.

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Each day, you’ll find many discounted titles that match your reading preferences. Read quickly on a tablet, kindle, smartphone, or other device. Android and iPhone apps let you buy and read eBooks.


38. Zathura


iReader Alternatives One of the most  customizable and functional document viewers is Zathura, which lets you quickly scroll through all your documents and folders. Zathura makes well on MacBook Pros and Apple retina devices due to its speed and sleek design. A simple command you can copy and paste into the terminal will install Zathura on your device.

Zathura has a simple icon that features you know if your device is compatible, and its interface is easy to use. Zathura automatically detects your current folder and displays its contents after installation. It hasn’t changed much, but you can learn a lot from it.


39. Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is a luxurious utility that lets users access their documents and ebooks from any internet-connected device. A browser extension lets users access their content on any platform. Accessing documents, ebooks, and personal files like Word and PDF are simple. All devices with Kindle mobile apps, including the latest Kindle e-readers, can use Kindle Cloud Reader.

The interface is simple and accessible. Kindle Cloud Reader brings you ebooks, magazines, newspapers, and personal documents. Adjust font size, text color, reading columns, and more for a personalized experience. The app also automatically syncs your devices so you can continue reading in your browser. An intuitive interface, searching, shop books, offline reading, automatic updates, and more are also important.


In conclusion, iReader is a popular app for reading ebooks and accessing a digital library. However, there are many other options available for those who are seeking alternatives to iReader. These alternatives offer similar features such as the ability to purchase and read ebooks, customize reading settings, and access a wide selection of books. Some popular alternatives include Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Nook. These apps offer additional features such as the ability to highlight and take notes, access to a community of readers, and recommendations for new books to read. Overall, there are many options available for those who are looking for a replacement for iReader.

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