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How to Unhide Games in Steam Library [2022]

For PC gamers, the well-known gaming store Steam offers a tonne of features and a huge selection of both free and paid games. You can play Steam games on a Chromebook in addition to a PC. People are compelled to purchase every game offered because there are so many, which clogs up libraries. As a result, they conceal games that they no longer use or play. When you wish to play the hidden games on Steam again, it is simple to unhide them.

Quick tutorial: Open Steam, select View from the menu bar, then select Hidden Games. Next, right-click the game and select Manage. Finally, select Remove from Hidden.

How to Unhide Games in Steam Library

[1] Open Steam and choose the View option from the menu at the top of the screen.

[2] Select Hidden Games in.

[3] The screen will display the list of hidden games.

[4] Select Manage from the context menu by right-clicking the game you want to reveal.

[5] To display the game, tap Remove from Hidden after that.

[6] The game will now show up in your games library.

How to Hide Games on Steam

[1] Open the Steam client, then go to the Library section.

[2] The list of installed games will display.

[3] Right-click on the game you want to choose.

[5] Select Hide this Game from the menu that appears after clicking Manage.

[6] The chosen game will now be hidden or removed from your games library.

How to Find or View Hidden Games on Steam Library

[1] Launch the Steam Client and choose View.

[2] After selecting Hidden games, a list of hidden games will show up.

[3] You are free to play any game and conduct regular play.

Select the game, right-click on it, pick Manage, then select Remove from account to delete or delete the hidden games from Steam.

Bonus: How to Change Games Privacy on Steam

Your Steam friends can still see the achievements and other game information even if you have hidden the games on Steam. You must change your profile’s privacy settings in order to keep your information secret.

[1] Select the Edit Profile option from your Steam Profile by going there.

[2] Tap “Privacy Settings” and then “Game Details” from the drop-down menu that opens.

[3] Choose one of the following: Public, Friends Only, or Private.

Questions and Answers

Can you play the hidden games on Steam?

Yes. Like the regular games in your Steam library, you can play the hidden games as well.


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