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How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Post & Live Video

Most people enjoy leaving comments on others’ Instagram posts. One of the best ways to grow your Instagram following is to interact with your followers through comments. It can occasionally spoil your entire day to get rude comments, trolls, or improper language. You can turn or limit comments on your Instagram posts, stories, and live videos to prevent those situations.

Simple Directions: Launch the app, hit the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the post, and select Turn off commenting.

How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Post

[1] Log into Instagram and select “Create New Post.”

[2] Once you’ve finished editing the image as you please, touch the Next button.

[3] Choose Advanced Settings before hitting the Share button (at the bottom of the screen).

[4] turn the toggle next to the option to Turn Off Commenting.

[5] Once the post has been shared on Instagram, click Share. Unless you turn off the setting, no one will be able to comment on it.

You can turn comments on a previously released post if you choose.

[1] Log into your Instagram account and select the post you want to hide comments on.

[2] Select the three horizontal dots that are visible in the post’s upper right corner.

[3] To stop comments from being made on this post, choose Turn off commenting from the menu.

[4] Follow the same procedures and turn on the commenting option if you want to allow comments.

How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram Live

On Instagram, you may also turn comments for live videos.

[1] Log into Instagram and select the Live option.

[2] To begin your live session, press the circular button in the bottom.

[3] Next, click or press the triangle-shaped button next to the remark field.

[4] To disable the live comments, use the option to Turn Off Commenting.

Note: On making engaging and original videos for Instagram, use the best video editing software.

How to Block Offensive Comments on Instagram

You can also block or disable rude or improper words from appearing in your Posts on instagram.

[1] Open the Instagram app, tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal slashes), and then tap the profile icon.

[2] Click Settings, then select Instagram account settings.

[3] Select Privacy.

[4] From the Interactions section, select the Hidden Words option.

[5] Check that the Hide Comments option is enabled. If it is enabled, it will filter out comments that include inappropriate language.

[6] Select Manage custom words and phrases to include or exclude a specific word from comments.

[7] Click the Add button after entering the desired words.

Like comments, likes for your Instagram post can also be hidden directly from the account settings.

Questions and Answers

Does Instagram turn you to disable story replies?

Yes. Click the three vertical lines that appear at the bottom of your Story by going there. Select Story Settings after that, and then touch Off next to Allow Message Replies. Can I turn leaving comments on every Instagram post?

No. Such a choice is not available in Instagram’s settings. However, you can disable the comments for all posts at once using 3rd software like NapoleonCat. However, it is not advised to use them.


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