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How to Reset Your TCL Smart TV [Android & Roku]

You may fix performance issues on all electrical gadgets and devices by performing a reset. Your device will be completely erased of all data during the process, which also turns a new one. TCL Smart TVs are included in this. The reset process is required to resolve a number of issues, including no sound, error codes, apps that keep crashing, a TV that keeps disconnecting from WiFi, and more, whether your TCL TV runs on Android or Roku OS.

Depending on your operating system, different steps may be required to reset the TCL Smart TV.

How to Reset Your TCL Smart TV [Android & Roku]

How to Soft Reset TCL Android TV

[1] Turn on your TCL TV, then sign in to your WiFi network. Select the Settings icon from the menu bar by going there.

[2] Select the Device Preferences or Storage and Reset option by scrolling down.

[3] Scroll to the bottom and select Reset from the menu.

[4] Choose Factory data reset on the following screen.

[5] Press the Erase All button.

[6] You’ll be prompted to enter the password by the TV. Reset’s default password is 1234.

[7] Once the pin has been entered, the TCL Android TV will start to reset.

[8] The TV may be set up and used without any issues after becoming reset.

How to Soft Reset TCL Roku Smart TV

[1] Confirm that your TCL Roku TV is connected to a reliable WiFi or internet connection.

[2] On your TCL Roku TV, find the Settings option.

[3] Choose the System option under the Settings menu.

[4] Click the Factory Reset button after selecting Advanced System Settings.

[5] Choose the option to factory reset everything.

[6] On the TV’s screen, type the reset code. Then click OK.

[6] Your TCL Roku TV will now begin the resetting process.

How to Hard Reset TCL TV Without Remote [Android & Roku]

When the TV has a black screen or the remote control is lost, none of the above reset options are accessible. In that case, you can reset it by pressing a button on the TV connector panel.

[1] Find the Reset button on the TCL TV’s back and press it with a paper clip.

[2] Continue to press the button until the reset process is complete. Once the TV indicator light has faded, let go of the button.

[3] Complete the setup process to use it without any issues after the reset process.

By using your smartphone as a remote, you may also reset TCL Smart TV without a remote. You must download the TCL TV remote app on your smartphone in order to do that.

Install the app, then link your TV to it by joining the same network with both devices.
Use your phone as a remote control to enter the Smart TV settings after you and your partner have parted ways to reset the TV back on.

Answers and Questions

How can I reset my TCL Roku TV’s channels?

Select TV as the input source, push the menu button on your remote, pick Setup, set the Signal Type to Antenna, and then choose Channel Scan to rescan for antenna channels.


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