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How to Remove Background from Photos on iPhone [iOS 16]

In general, iPhone offers simple image editing features to improve its appeal. The ability to remove the background from an iPhone shot was missing, though. Apple added native support to the iPhone with the iOS 16 release, allowing users to instantly remove the background from images. IOS 16 is presently in the beta stage. Therefore, in order to use the background removal function in iOS 16, you must download the public beta. Or wait off until September 2022, when Apple releases the final version of iOS 16.

How to Remove Background from Photos on iPhone [iOS 16] 2023

Remove Background from Photos on iPhone With iOS 16 Update

1. version iOS 16 public beta to your iPhone. It is available for download from the Apple developer website.

2. delete the photo where the background has to be deleted in the Photos app after installing the beta software. Open the Notes, Messages, or Mail app on your iPhone instead.

3. Long-press the topic you want in the picture on the Photos app, and then drag it about as you choose.

4. You can drag the image to the Notes, Mail, or Messages apps after removing it from the background.

The removal of the option to save the removed topic as a separate image on the Photos app is the sole drawback to this upgrade.

Remove Background From Photos Using Online Websites

In addition to the built-in method, you may easily finish the work by using internet background removal tools. One such website that makes it simple to remove an image’s background is remove.bg.

1. Start your iPhone’s Safari browser.

2. Go to remove.bg.

3. Select the Upload image option on the main page.

4. There will be three choices given.

  •  Photo Library: Select the photo using the Photos app.
  • Take a Photo – Use your camera to capture a system restore.
  • Select File – Select the picture you saved to the files app.

5. The website will start automatically erasing the image’s background as soon as it is uploaded.

6. The image’s background will vanish in a matter of seconds.

7. Finally, you can download the PNG version of the image without a background.

Using the background templates found in the remove.bg package, you can alter the same image.

In addition to using the remove.bg tool, you can also use web resources such

Remove Background From Photos Using Pages App on iPhone

Using the Pages application, you can also take a photo on your iPhone and remove the background. However, to remove the background with this technique, manual editing is needed.

1. Download the Pages app from the App Store to your iPhone.

2. After the app has opened, click the Add icon and select Start Writing.

How to Remove the Background from iPhone Photos

3. The software will launch with a blank document.
Re-click the Plus button.

4. Select the Photo or Video menu item.

5. Choose the picture to launch it in the Pages app.

6. Select the Image section by clicking the brush symbol up top.

7. Select Instant Alpha as your option.

8. After you’ve drawn the mask over the region you wish to remove, click Done to finish.

9. Next, copy the image and paste it wherever you wish. Furthermore, you may paste it into one of the iPhone’s photo-editing apps to give the picture additional editing choices.

Questions and Answers

1. How can I remove the background from a Mac photo?

  • Double-click the image you wish to modify on your Mac.
  • Select the Markup icon.
  • Press the Instant Alpha button.
  • Choose the region you want to keep.
  • Remove the region, then choose Delete to get rid of the background.
  • The image can now be saved in the specified format.

2. How can I remove the background from an iPhone video?

The background of the movie cannot be simply removed, in contrast to the image.
In order to remove or alter a video’s background, you must use third-party video editors on your iPhone.


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