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How to delete your TikTok account?

If you’ve decided to delete your TikTok account for whatever reason, the good news is that it’s easy to do and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes (as long as you’re already logged in or remember your password). You can do the process in the app or on the web to delete your TikTok account. Here’s how:

  • Click the bottom-right profile icon in the app.
  • Click the three-line icon on the top right.
  • Click settings and privacy > manage account > delete account.
  • Follow the prompts.

With our lives so online, our digital space can get cluttered with inactive and superfluous accounts—and forgetting about them might constitute a security concern. Our one-stop shop for erasing online accounts is a solid start, but not thorough.

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Bonus tip: Join Firefox Monitor. It notifies you of data breaches, especially on websites you forgot to give your information to.


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