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How to Delete Snapchat Account in 2023

Delete Snapchat account: Snapchat is known to give its users FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) because of its unique idea of photos that disappear after a few seconds and its cool features, such as real-time sharing and funny selfies. This makes people want to check the app every few minutes, which can get out of hand.

Hopefully, this article will help you take a break from Snapchat or maybe even delete your account for good.

How to delete a Snapchat account in 2023

On an iPhone:

  • Open the app for Snapchat.
  • You can find your avatar on the home page by tapping the upper left corner.
    In the upper right corner, tap the gear icon.
  • Scroll down to the Support section and click “I Need Help.” Tap on your profile picture, go to Settings, and tap “I Need Help.”
  • Tap the search bar and type “Delete My Account.” Choose “Delete My Account” from the list that appears.
  • This will take you to the Support Page for Deleting Your Account. The page will tell you what you need to know about terminating your account. Tap “Accounts Portal” next to “How to Delete Your Snapchat Account” to move on.
  • That will get you to the last step of how to delete your Snapchat account. Enter your username or email address and password to confirm. Go to the Accounts Portal to delete your iPhone Snapchat account.

On Computer:

  • Log in to your Snapchat account in your browser.
  • Click on “Delete My Account.” You will be taken back to the previous step.
  • Type in your Snapchat username and password, then confirm that you want to delete your account.

Delete your Snapchat account permanently

To permanently delete your Snapchat account, you’ll have to wait 30 days from when you confirm the deletion. If you don’t log in for the next 30 days, the account will be deleted automatically. But your account information won’t be gone for good.

Snapchat’s privacy rules say that, for security data, they will keep some user information private. Here’s what’s in it:

  • The information you gave about yourself when you downloaded the app or made an account.
  • Information about your device, where it is, and logs of data.
  • Third-party information, such as the contact lists of other users, data collected from advertisers, and information that links to third-party information.
    Reactivate the Snapchat account

Reactivate the Snapchat account

If you change your mind after deleting the account and want to keep it, you can reactivate it within 30 days of the day you deleted it. Enter your credentials into your app and wait for the confirmation email.

Reactivate your iPhone Snapchat account

Note: It usually only takes a few minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to get your account back. So, if it doesn’t work right away, you should wait a while.

Also, you can’t change the password after deactivating the account. So, could you write it down before you turn it off?

Account on Snapchat was successfully deleted!

Many people asked me if you could delete your Snapchat account from your phone. Even though it’s easier to delete the account from a computer, you can also do it from your phone.

I hope this article helps you eliminate or bring back your Snapchat account. Before you delete your Snapchat account, you can also download your data.


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